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Wynn for M5 {commercial}
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ZamuelNow - 21 June 2013 10:51 AM
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I really love the men, that you created, and Wyn looks great. But meanwhile your men look all more like the same guy. The facial features are almost the same, for example almost all the characters have the same high cheekbones. Maybe you don’t have checked your products on the store sitem where one get offered a few alternatives in the “You may also like”-list.

It’s not just a “problem” (it isn’t a probelm, but I didn’t find a better description) with your characters, it’s the same with the older man-characters from Phoenix1966, which are also very similar to each other.

Of course, one should also recognize somehow, who created the character. But I would like to have more surprises pleasant times, when a guy from a workshop not even look atypical. And please understand this just as my personal opinion.

I’m sorry but really. They don’t look the same. There around faces, differences around the eyes, younger morphs which are smaller builds, noses, etc. You’re going to tell me Wynn (with the a black teen morph that hasn’t been seen since Luke 3) looks like Johan or Josef (with his odd big nose), or Ryuu (which I included a morph based on the reference model) or the morphs in Axel? Really?

So you’ll excuse me if I feel slightly insulted at this silly notion.

I don’t think they look the same but there is a defined house style of sorts to the promos.  Granted, that’s not a bad thing since it’s good to be able to recognize a vendor’s work and there a number of vendors I can recognize without being told who made a product.  Still, this looks to be good and the discussion did get me to take a second look at a lot of the variance in the faces.

Thanks, but I don’t to turn this commercial thread into a discussion about promos styles either.

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I pretty much have all of your male characters so only complaint is that there is never anything to buy come sales time.

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Curse that V6! So DISTRACTING! Look, she’s even distracting two variations of Wynn!

Wait, why are they in the same locker room?

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