ISO: creating texture add on to make The Phantom and looking for pieces

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So I want to create The Phantom - Lee Falk's comic book Phantom, not the one that is of the opera - and I figured I'd use the M4 bodysuit. It would really just be a matter of turning it purple, BUT I'm trying to locate a gun belt with two holsters. (and the guns) It's a plainish looking holster - not sci fi or anything - so I'm hoping there's someone out there who can think of a good gun belt with holsters that I can use. Free or paid doens't matter - more than likely if it's a paid one I probably already own it LOL.

Phantom Images

Or does anyone know of an already created Phantom texture add on? Making the striped trunks will give me a headache too cos I'm HOPELESS at texturing. :sigh:

Anyone got any ideas?


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