DAZ Studio 4 - where does it store data?

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DS 64-bit, Windows 7

My backup software fumbled the ball, and I can't restore. The good news is, I have all the data backed up, I just have to restore anything I want to keep by hand because partition restore isn't working properly.

So, I need to know every nook and cranny that DS4 hides data. I could go through what I've done already but I think it would be easier if I was just served up a list of all the folders. I've restored everything I can find or think of, but DS isn't showing the UI, content, etc., from when I backed up, so I must've missed something.


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    Why did you need to use a backup?
    Does windoze 7 not have "system restore"?
    Have you tried a new install of DS and then a search for content?


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    kiwi_gg said:

    Why did you need to use a backup?
    Does windoze 7 not have "system restore"?

    Just in case this was not a joke, but "system restore" is not intended to backup "personal" files.
    You need also a regularly backup of your data.

    But as kiwi_gg mentioned I would also recommend to install the application (if you mean with UI the applications user interface) and just restore your library data (into the library folder you defined).

    The library folder is stored in the registry
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DAZ\Studio in ContentDir0 (if you only have one)

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    The answer varies a bit depending on what versions you have installed, but what is listed below should cover DS3 and higher on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine.

    On the File Systems:
    c:\users\\AppData\Roaming\DAZ 3D\ (Your UI customizations, etc. are stored here)
    c:\users\\Documents\DAZ 3D\ (Default content library and other misc stuff)
    c:\Program Files\Common Files\DAZ\ (DS3 and earlier location for dzInstall.ini)
    c:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\ (Default application installation directory)
    c:\ProgramData\DAZ 3D\ (DS4 and later location for dzInstall.ini)
    Plus any manual content directories you've defined

    In the registry:

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    W7 Restore, hahaha, that's a good one. :)

    Man, I was sweating this one last night. Acronis is not on my "recommend" list any more, to keep a long story short, and the backup I spoke of went "poof!" Fortunately, I had already restored almost everything I needed. I had already restored everything from the folders Adam mentioned (thanks BTW, Adam) and it turns out that was everything, I just had to load my saved Layout. I did have to re-add my runtimes, but no big deal there. I'm so glad I restored everything, or I might be on a plane headed for the Acronis team at this very moment.

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