Problem with a dynamic skirt in Daz

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Hi all,

I'm having a problem with a dynamic skirt in Daz. I have a character that is falling to the floor. The dynamic skirt conforms properly to V4. But for some reason does not recognize the floor. And sinks through it where it touches, pretty much ruining the effect. I believe I have all the proper settings. If I understand how this works correctly. I've set everything in the scene so it should effect the dynamic cloth. But it still sinks into the floor rather than colliding with it.

Any thoughts?



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    If your floor is a very low poly item it will not stop the dynamic items. The floor needs to have a pretty high poly count.

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    Also if the item is too high polycount it will ignore:)

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    If you don't want to mess up your scene, find a high poly floor and make it transparent after placing it where the dress would collide with the floor.

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    A primative Plane set to about 25 divisions at 6 M would also work. I'm pretty sure I've used that before. Just set opacity to 0 after you position it properly. Then just collide with the plane and anything else that needs it. You could stop the collision with the floor that does not work, that might even speed up the calculation time.

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    Thanks, I'll give that a try


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    Here's the Little Black Dress with a 24 division plane, single distant light (Raytraced, 50% soft shadow). Works quite well.

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