Upgrading to a new PC,just a question

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Hi to all,
I'm just upgrading to a new PC,
but i have some doubts regarding the Daz Studio library:
i have to reinstall all the zipped files bought and downloaded from the store,or can i simply transfer all the library on the new PC?
Thanks for your help.



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    You can just trnsfer your current library across to your new computer. No need to re-install your content. You will have to install DS on your new computer though & point it to where you transferred your library to; of course

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    Oh Perfect!!! :)
    Thank you soooo much for your fast reply :)

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    If you use the Smart Content, or the Categories folders, you will need to back up and copy across the CMS database - Adam has guides:


    Also note that plugins and shaders (actual shaders, like thsoe from PoseWorks and OmniFreaker, not presets) will need to be installed on the new machine.

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    Thank you so much :)

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