I've never gotten the Auto-Fit Tool to work properly

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I have never gotten any usable results from the Auto-Fit Tool. After getting really frustrated at the start, I let it lie for months, but I'm getting enough gen 4 and gen 3 clothes by now that I'd really like to use it. So, I went back to the AFT (in "About Installed Plugins) today to rechecked if it was registered. The Tool was green checked, but does that mean that is is activated or does it only mean that it is installed? When I highlight the Auto-Fit Tool there is an OK button on the bottom. But when I put my activation code into the box, the OK button suddenly turns gray and won't work. Does this mean that the Auto-Fit Tool is activated and rejects the new code? Or is it rejecting the code before it registers?

But if it is activated, why does it not behave like the tutorials say it should? Like, when I try to put A3 boots on my A3 Shape for Genesis, I don't see the box that the tutorials say should come up. Instead there is a half-second flash of what might be the box and the clothes appear. But the Genesis figure shows through the boots and I don't see how I can correct that. It is the same story right afterwards when I tried to put a Laci Love hat on the Genesis Shape for V4. The hat is invisible where it intersects V4's head.

Why am I getting these anomalies?


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    Boots and Shoes have never worked properly In Autofit. It's not you or the Plugin (it's built into DS now no need for a code anymore) the shoe transfer is just not working well for any user.

    Well I guess it is the Plugin after all.

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    OK, if you aren't getting the auto-fit tool at all, try this. Select the boots (or whichever clothing item) and in the parameters tab hightlight the "misc" button and under "fit to" choose Genesis. Now the auto-fit box should appear.
    Have fun!

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    To make conforming clothing fit a figure it has to be built around that figures default shape, clothing converters like autofit, Wardrobe Wizard,Cross Dresser have templates that mimic those default shapes, and use them to reshape the clothing mesh from one figure to another. The problem with boots and shoes is that most weren't built around the default foot shape of the figure, instead the were built how you would see them in a magazine or in a shop window, which means the figure usually has to be shoehorned into them with morphs and poses, or in the case of most boots the feet get hidden. This causes nothing but problems for clothing converters, because if the shoe didn't fit the default shape of the original figure, then the converter is going make a complete mess out of converting it to a new figure, which is exactly what happens when you try to autofit shoes to Genesis.

    The only way to have any chance of converting footwear to fit Genesis is to DIY.

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    Third generation footwear, if you have the shapes for Genesis, will convert better than fourth - assuming it was modelled to fit the feet, not to require a morph to fit the feet to the shoes nor that the feet be hidden. A major aprt of the problem is that the forth generation figures and Genesis have very different zero positions for the feet, though heels are tricky always as they project so far from the body and at an angle.

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