Fit Genesis clothing to a generation 4 figure?

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Most (myself included) use AutoFit to fit gen 4 clothing to Genesis, but in some cases I want to do the reverse. There are some nice clothing, which are not for V4/M4. Someone mentioned using the Transfer Utility? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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    You could convert V4/M4 to weight-mapped figures, and then adjust the clothing to be based on the V4 or M4 shape rather than the Genesis shape, or you could convert the clothing to parametric rigging, adjust it in a modeler to fit the base shape, then rig and add morphs.

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    I think the first option is easier LOL. Thank you.

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    You don't need to adjust it to fit in a modeler - if you own the V4 and/or M4 shapes for Genesis.

    Load V4 (or M4), and zero the figure.
    Load genesis, dial in the matching morph.
    Pose Genesis to match the zero pose on the Gen4 figure. You will probably want to save this pose for future reference if you think you might do this again. I mean, why not?
    Apply clothing to Genesis. It conforms, Genesis applies the Gen4 shape, and now if you export it out as an OBJ, it is ready to be rigged for the Gen4 figure.

    Not that rigging is particularly a joy or anything :D But either way you'll have the shape done for you.

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    Thanks! I forgot about that option :)

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