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I wonder if there's an compatibilty table available (or if not if it could be created) that lists for the available (DAZ shop) addons, plugins, etc. the versions of DS it works with.

Something like the attached example image.

This could help to decide which version to use if (as it is with 4.0/4.5) it is not possible to install both version parallel.

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    I agree with your suggestion absolutely.

    If I can recognize the compatibility of DAZ products more clearly ,

    I might have purchased twice as much.

    I convince DAZ has been lossed much money for their lack of ability to inform their product .

    not only about DAZ stuido ver, generation of figure, or so many morphs.

    On the other hand, some products explanation mislead another item is must necessary to use the item.


    The statements below is my private compliant of some daz products.

    I feel so strange that some new shape morphs for genesis need two or three another shape morph products.

    Because, genesis has frexbility to change their shape free, and it may be the greatest point of genesis.

    But If I want to use (buy) one shape morph eg, "sseegg face for genesis" morph ,
    I should buy other shape morph (eg ) "strange face for genesis", " eggface for genesis" and " basic body morph "

    Of course I can understand "sseegg face" was made by combination of other exist product morphs and apply original shape.

    but the cost of using another morph should be payed by the dealer (or artist who want to sell )of products.
    Actually if they sell it as "one original morph", I need not to buy another shape morph products. If I want to use another,
    I may buy them and can mix more free.

    ( we know it is so easy to integrate some morphs to one morph)

    why customer should buy onother morphs and paid the cost of mixing other morph products?

    So I never buy the shape morphs which need more than two other products.

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