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Ok, I'm been wondering about this.

I'm working on a project and using Genesis as the base (animation and games)

For such projects, are the clothes and hair modeled onto the character?


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    Game figures usually don't have bodies. The clothes are the body. This is to keep the poly count down.

    The issue will really be, genesis wont really work in a game, at least none of the weight mapping will. And you do need the license to use DAZ figures in games. Another thing is DAZ figures are design for rendering, meaning they are fairly high in polies for a game.

    That said you can remodel you figure by decimating to drop the poly count. Add the clothes and delete the polies that don't show. But Hex doesn't know rigging, you will probably lose it.

    What game engine are you using and how are you getting genesis into it?

    If you are exporting from Hex you will loose the rigging and will have to rerig the figure for the game.

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    So, the answer to my question is, "yes, you model onto the base"

    Seriously...why even bother bring up, "oh, you have to license Genesis to use it in game" 1st of all, you only have to do that IF you publish the game, not when you work on it.

    And I also said, "for projects like animation and game" not just 1 or the other.

    And also, from what I've been told, the new PS4 and XB1 handles high-poly models just fine

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