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DAZ Studio Splash Screen - urgent request for removal
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<jumps into the fray>
While I don’t care for the current trend for the entertainment gurus to undead the entire world, I don’t find the zombie on the current splash screen any more disturbing than werewolves or vampires or even a naked Vickie in a temple with a sword (NVIATWAS).  Somehow I’ve been able to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality, fact and fiction. 

Will the world be any better off with nothing but pictures of fluffy kittens or playful puppies?  Anybody who has ever been attacked by the needle claws of maniac kitten might not think so.  And I’m sure more than a few of us have had nightmares about the damage that a pack of puppies can do before you catch them.

DAZ has been aware that people access their website from business computers.  If they don’t want to provide a default way to get to their site without some potentially offensive image appearing, then that’s their decision.  But the key phrase here is “potentially offensive”. 

Perhaps their home page should be like Google.  Plain and simple!  Except on those days when Google honors some person or event with a special GoogleSpot image.  Today it’s Maurice Sendak author of “Where the Wild Things Are” and if you just look at the images in his books you can tell he must have some evil in him and his books are obviously an attempt to corrupt the minds of our children. 8-o
  That of course was sarcasm, but I’m sure someone somewhere doesn’t think so and is right now organizing a “ban Maurice Sendak” clique.

Perhaps the web should not have images at all, that way perhaps we’d be safe.  No, ... words can corrupt too (sigh).  I know, ... let’s just hide in our shells like good little walnuts.

Perhaps people will remember that I have been one of those people kvetching about skimpwear in the past suggesting that DAZ censor their advertisements.  I got over it.  And like ex-smokers there’s nothing worse than an ex-censor. 8-Q


I’m sooo confused…  I’ve come to grasp a little of the nature of reality and the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  I even have an inkling as to who and what I am. Auuummmmm…  But please, please, who the hell are you?  And why are you trampling my roses?
All scientific and philosophical inquiries into reality, ultimately must face the nature of consciousness.

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Since the religious view are still being discussed this thread is being locked. As already stated if there is an issue with it contact DAZ directly thought a support ticket and voice your concerns


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