Pirate Guns and Eyes

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A flintlock pistol for right or left hand. The last Pirate Addon for Gumdrops. Three textures and hand pose.
The beautiful treasure chest in the picture is by Syntrifid http://www.sharecg.com/pf/syntrifid

More eyes for Pippin - lots of new eye colours.

Both from Treasurechest (look on the Gumdrops and Pippin pages):- http://trumarcar.francemi.net/

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600 x 600 - 244K


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    Great work at always. Thank you very much. Pippin LOOKS much better with the new eyes.

    Could it be that I notized a new style in work? The little pistol has more details as other props you did before. I did a render of the pistol in DAz Studio and played a little with the bumpmapping ... brilliant

    The pose on your picture is also very nice. In that case the bullet will end in the shaft of the opposite pistol. There's only one thing, that disturbed me in your text ...

    The last Pirate Addon for Gumdrops

    Hopefully just the last one for now and not the last one forever. :)
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    Nice. Thank you.:-)

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    Thank you, Mininessie, Spanky and Wilmap (may I call you Wendy, please?). Hugs.

    Lovely render, thank you Spanky. The pose in the promo was to fit in the picture!! lol

    Yes, I couldn't resist the detail - it could be used for other characters than Gumdrops with a bit of resizing and this is not necessarily the last Pirate addon - just the last I can think of atm!

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    Of course you can call me Wendy. Lots of people do, now they know my name.:-)

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    wilmap said:
    Of course you can call me Wendy. Lots of people do, now they know my name.:-)

    lucky you! I get called many other things in spite of my username!
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