F4 Driver

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I got up at 6am and told myself I wasn't going to stop modeling until I have a pilot for my F-4!

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    OPPS Wireframe

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    I have NO idea how I am gunna rig this dude! If I have to DETACH the RIG I will have to do it object by object and that will take some time...

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    Can anyone think of how to RIG this mess so the HOSE move around with the head and rest of the body?

  • Design AcrobatDesign Acrobat Posts: 459
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    You would rig it just like a tail or an elephant truck making sure you have enough bones to match up with the bends required. Might take a bunch of tiny bones, but probably needs to be part of the helmet or mask (which would be the root bone.) There are other ways to do it of course.

  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 3,250
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    Q: Does it need to be rigged ?

    If it's for you're own use in an animation, then it depends on whether you want the figure walking across a runway to the plane, or in the plane flying it,.

    If it's for sale, then it depends on what the "Average" customer would need, (and what program they're likely to be using it in)

    For use in Carrara:
    Creating a separate (rigged) object for "the hose" which could be parented to either the helmet, or the figure, and would use a target helper (and point at modifier) to keep the ends in place. may be the easiest way to go.

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    3DAGE! At this time I plan to have the pilot be inside the cockpit and moving his head around so I guess hose parented to the head is a good choice.

  • chris poolechris poole Posts: 97
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    I was wondering if you need the full body. Anyway it looks very cool.

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 16,988
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    probably beneath you Rich but you could always do what I would do,
    select the hip of an aligned Daz dolly and attach it to the skeleton so it conforms like clothes!
    the hose would prob work best as a parented prop.
    even I have done the track and target helper thing with ropes.

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