genesis to poser problem

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I thought I followed the instructions carefully, but the texture doesn't work.

Before exporting my Genesis character from Daz, I checked that the UVs were set to M4, and the mesh resolution was at high and subdivisions 0 (if that matters)

In poser, I can find the figure and load it, but all I can get to display is the "preview" material. When I examine things in the materials room, there are all the materials listed that I expect, but when I render the scene, only the preview material shows up.

I try applying another M4 texture from my library, and all the pieces show up in the materials room, but again, only the preview material shows up in a render, or for that matter in the preview window.

I'm probably overlooking something stupid.


  • dskidmoredskidmore Posts: 57
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    never mind...I figured that one our for myself. Not following instructions.

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    Well, at least it's good to hear that to Poser users are finally being able to use Genesis. I'm really happy for you guys! Happy Posing! :-)

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