V4++ morphs question

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I just bought the V4++ package. Do you not get the individual folders now, ie - just have to load them all?



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    When you load V4 in your scene you will be prompt whether or not you want to check them on as added-on dial morphs.

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    When you load V4, you should get the PowerLoader popup asking you which morph packs you want to load. If you'd rather load each morph 1 by 1, you can find them under Poser Format > My Library > Pose.

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    Thank you both for the replies. I forgot to add that I am using Poser 7. I'm not seeing all the individual poses, so maybe I didn't dl the right packages,,,

    What I do have under poses is a folder called 'base' with some expressions, eye poses, some heads, etc

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    In Poser 7, the individual morphs are in a folder named morphs ++. You should have installed ps_pe070 v4morphs.exe. The file path in Vista is C: Program files/e frontier/Poser 7. You will be asked to initialize. Click Ok.

    The individual morphs ++ should be located Poses

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    Click thumbnails to select desired morphs to inject into V4 figure.

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    Thank you, Pixel8ted! The screenshots helped a lot. I reinstalled the file and its all sorted now. I'm not sure it I missed installing it on the first go or if it just had a hiccup somehow.

    thanks again all,

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    No problem. When things don't show up as they should, I usually manually go through the e frontier poser 7 application folder to look if there is a secondary runtime folder added where it shouldn't be...usually in the library folder. If there is a secondary runtime folder, I move it to where it should be.

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