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So I'm not certain what happened, but for some reason Carrara is no longer operating the way it used to with regards the XYZ movements. When I grab on the little arrows, it only moves the hot point, the object doesn't follow. I have to click the "send object to hot point button". I can also grab the object and move it around on the X and Y plane, but I can't move it up and down.

I figure I must have accidentally changed the interface by mistake. Anyone know the fix for this? I tried shutting it off and restarting, but it still was messed up.



  • BC RiceBC Rice Posts: 590
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    Nevermind. Got it. "Send to Origin" in Edit got it done.

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    HI BC Rice :)

    It sounds like you may have hit "Caps Lock" which will Lock/Unlock the object hotspot to allow you to set the rotation point to some other part of the geometry,.

    For example,. A door, would be a rectangle,. but would hinge at the edge, so you would move the hot point to the edge then hit caps lock to lock it , then you can use the rotate tools to open/close the door.

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