Can't Find the Start Up Icon.

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Sorry to waste anyone's time but I've just downloaded Daz Studio through the instillation manager and I can't seem to find the start icon to begin the application. I've checked my desktop and I only see the application for the instillation manager. Again, sorry if this a really ridiculous question I just need a little help here.
Thank you.


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    Are you sure it got installed?

    Create a shortcut on your desktop and put this in as the path or location

    "C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\DAZStudio.exe"

    if the shortcut refuses to be created I suspect that DAZ isn't installed.

  • RonMFoyRonMFoy Posts: 0
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    Thanks for the reply. It turns out I didn't have it installed after all. I followed the downloading and installing guide on the forum. They showed me where I went wrong. Once again, sorry to waste anyone's time.

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