Luxrender/ Luxus not rendering some textures

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I really am happy with the results that I get from Luxrender via Luxus, but lately I have noticed a problem. In some renders, certain textures will be completely ignored, as if no texture had been applied to the item at all.

Here is an example. It is the cuirass from the set "Dynastic Armor" from Xurge3ed. As you can see, the texture shows up when rendered with 3Delight, but not when rendered with Luxus.

Oddly enough, it happens with only part of a texture set. For example, V4.2's lips (but not the rest of her) and one part of Stonemason's Streets of Asia (but not most of it)

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your attention!

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    I did run into the same issue and the way I got around it was to add a dark sub-surface shader to that particular surface and then re-apply the diffuse material in the surfaces tab. Just note that the diffuse strength will be set pretty low by default after you do this so you will need to increase it.

    there is probably a better way to do it and I am sure that someone with a bit more knowledge than me will offer some helpful advice but this method will at least get you going for now

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    Thanks for the tip. I will give your idea a try when I get a chance and see what happens.

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    If anyone has the same problem that I described in the initial post, I managed to get around it by lowering the glossiness of the texture in question.

    There is probably a more elegant and effective way to do it, but that worked for me.

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    For some content , the auto conversion will get the gloss wrong, and you get washed out textures. This is being worked on.

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    When you tell DS to apply the Luxus mats, do you check off the box telling it to copy over the DS materials?

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    turn the specular all the way down on the materials that render grey

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