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I have just posted the Winners in the Clean judging thread

chohole - 02 July 2013 04:45 AM

We have winners

Once again it was a very tight vote.  I need to go and find another guest judge to break up a series of ties.

the results are

1st Place Jonathon  Number #14 Head Dream
2nd Place The Savage Number #9 Dream 1
3rd place kyricus  Number 12   Gateway

Best New Bryce User   bullitt35744  with Weird Dream 3

Can the above people let me know by PM the email address you use to sign in, so that I can arrange for DAZ 3D to add the store credit to your accounts.  (yes Dave I have yours)

Jonathon  can you let me know ASAP the theme you woul like to suggest for the July challenge

Honourable mentions, but unfortunately no prizes. to Dan Whiteside, adbc and dwsel.

Well done every one, it was a really good challenge this time, and it did give some difficulties in the jury room.  Smile

In my book every one is a winner for taking part.

Thanks everyone for taking part



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