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if a skin is compatible to M3, or requires M3, can it also be used on M5?

Thanks for the answer.



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    In the main Skins only for the generation they were made for,

    Gen 4 skins can be used on gen 5, if you use the relevant UV set, but Gen3 was done is such a radically diffrent way on the UV map that afaik there is no way they can be used.

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    You would need to use Texture Converter 2 to convert the skin to M4 (or V4) and then apply it to Genesis.

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    at first thank you very much for the answer. And sorry for to be such a noob. Just so that I understand it thoroughly, the next question:

    If a hair or cloth is said to be compatible to M4, can I use it on M5 or on a Genesis figure?

    Thank you very much for your patience and for your help


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