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Forgive me if I have missed this in other threads. BUT does anyone KNOW when Carrara 8 PRO will run MAC 10.7 or LION.

This is a pain as I am gunna buy a new mac just for animation and it will come for now with lion or 10.7, and It would suck to have to DUMB down to sat 10.5.8 or 10.6 which I am not even sure one can do ?!


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    I run both 8 and 8.5beta on OSX 10.7, Not perfect, but then again, 8 (or 7) was never perfect for me on earlier versions of Mac OSX.

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    What are the issue you ran into?

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    I have been busy with so many other things that I haven't been using Carrara much lately. I could have pointed you to some posts I made in the "old" forum, but don't know how to access that area. My memory is a little rusty on the specifics.

    Basically, the biggest problem I ran into was the "error has occurred." Mostly due to (in my experience) interaction with the file selector box. I have been able to avoid most of that by working around the FSB (double click or use "recent" menu to open files, etc.). "An error has occurred" does happen in other contexts, but (for me) is most commonly related to the FSB.

    Other smaller problems. I can't recall which are Lion specific, Mac specific or v8/8.5 beta specific....

    - Slowdown/crash when rendering an animation: I don't this this is Lion specific. Each successive frame takes longer to render. Eventually, the render crashes. The workaround is to render as an image sequence and restart Carrara to begin render where you left off. I recall this being an issue in v8 (and maybe 7) - it seemed to be fixed in an earlier 8.5 beta but came back in a later beta.

    -Weird particle generator slowdown. Create an empty scene. Add a particle generator. Click "play" in timeline. Each frame takes an incredibly log time to "Generate particles." This slowdown makes use of particle generators impossible.

    - Hair. Pretty much guaranteed to cause a crash. Also, it may be me, but I have never had hair work properly on v7 or 8.

    - Millennium Horse does not work in 8.5. File loads and behaves fine at first. Once file is saved and reopened, there are strange render/display problems with the horse. This is 8.5 specific and does not seem to affect 8.1.

    Again, v7 and v8 has issues for me on both my desktop and laptop running older versions of OSX. I don't consider Carrara any less stable (or any more dependable) on Lion.

    PS - I can't stand forum software that doesn't allow a "return" to provide a blank line for paragraph separation!

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    Yea i have never been happy with any thing to do with HAIR in carrara!

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