Genesis Custom-Dialed Character Contest (Entries Only thread)

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Genesis Custom-Dialed Character Contest

Running dates: June 1, 2013 to July 15, 2013
(the deadline is July 15 at 11:59:59 PM, DAZ Time (Mountain Daylight Time or UTC -6:00)

This is the entries-only thread. For the WIP and discussion thread, click here.


Except as otherwise noted, all prizes will be issued in the form of DAZ 3D gift certificates (GC), in the amounts of:

$50 GC special prize to Best Overall Image, considering composition, lighting, and quality of render.
Thank you to Laticis for sponsoring this award.

four category winners:
$10 store credit and $10 GC to Best Portrait
$10 store credit and $10 GC to Most Creative or Inventive Formula
$10 store credit and $10 GC to Best Likeness (of a historical or contemporary public figure, or famous fictional character)
$10 store credit and $10 GC to Best Character by a New User

four honorable mentions:
$5 GC to Honorable Mentions in each of the four categories above

$10 store credit and $15 GC additional Bonus Prize, awarded based on popular vote, chosen from among all the prizewinning renders.

Prizes provided by: DAZ 3D ($50 in store credit), Laticis ($50), Scott-Livingston ($25), Jaderail ($25), Novica ($25)
Special thanks to DAZ 3D and to my individual co-sponsors, Jaderail, Laticis, and Novica!

Contest Rules

1. Be logged in to your DAZ3D Forum account to submit a valid entry. We will not accept Anonymous or Guest Entries.

2. Submit your image in .jpg format to the appropriate contest thread.

3. Upload you image using the Post Reply - Browse to Attachment feature (In other words please do not link to your image but rather post it to the thread)

4. Your entry must be one or more new renders not previously posted elsewhere. The character featured does not need to be a newly-created character (it’s okay if you’ve rendered the same character before). You may post your entry elsewhere on the DAZ Forums after posting it to this thread, and you may post it on other sites once the contest has closed.

5. You may attach one to five images in your entry post. If you choose to include more than one image, all images will be considered part of the same entry. Images must be posted to the contest thread, not linked, and they must be posted by their creator (no anonymous or guest entries will be allowed).

6. Along with your entry image(s), you must include the following information:
a. Name of character
b. All software used in the creation of your image or images
c. full formula (list of morphs with values) used in the creation of the character, and links to the sources of morphs you used (products).
d. You must also list and link to all products you used for your character’s skin texture, hair, clothing, and accessories.
Entries that do not include all of this information will be disqualified.

7. You must use a variety of morphs from different products in the creation of your character.

8. You may use any render engine and software of your choice, but you must mention in your entry post what software was used in creating the image. Postwork is welcome, but contestants who submit postworked images are encouraged to include a non-postworked version (raw render) as well for comparison purposes.

9. You may enter as many times as you like, but no contestant will be selected as the winner of more than one of the four categories.

10. Follow the DAZ Terms of Service. No nudity, extreme violence or profanity will be allowed.

11. Addition to rules (2013/06/03): By entering this contest, you agree to allow DAZ3D to use any artwork you submit in any promotional materials they may choose. Entering this contest is considered a commercial use, so you should not use any content that is not licensed for commercial use.

All entries that meet the above criteria will be considered for the “Best Portrait” and “Most Creative or Inventive Formula” categories.
- If you would like to be considered for the “Best Likeness” category, indicate which historical figure, contemporary public figure, or famous fictional character your render portrays.
- If you would like to be considered for the “New User” category, please state this in your entry post. To be considered a "new user," you must also meet at least two of the following criteria:
a. Your “join date” is no more than one year before the date you post your entry
b. You have never won a prize in any render contest
c. You have posted fewer than 500 posts on the DAZ forum

When working on your submissions, if you would like to get feedback as you work or before posting your final image, please post your image to the WIP THREAD. Please keep all comments on entries, or images that are not entries, etc., to the WIP THREAD as well. This thread is only for posting final contest submissions.

Q: What about non-Genesis characters?
A: The focus of the contest is on Genesis characters. Non-Genesis characters are welcome in the WIP/Discussion Thread. That having been said, the rules don't REQUIRE that you use Genesis, so if you enter a non-Genesis character in the contest, it will be considered as long as the entry meets all necessary criteria.

Q: Can I use Genesis Generation X?
A. Sure, just mention that fact and list the morphs you are using.

Q: Can I use a shape or morph I modeled myself?
A: You can, if the shape or morph is publicly available for free or purchase, and you provide a link to it. But keep in mind that the other rules still apply--you must use a variety of morphs from different sources. This is a dialed-character contest, not a modeling contest.

Q: Can I use a skin texture I made myself?
A: Yes, but you will need to provide a link to any Merchant Resources or other source materials that you used.

Q: Can I contribute a prize?
A: Absolutely, just send me a PM. If you contribute, you may also participate in the judging if you would like to.

Q: What's the proper method for posting links to products?
A: Type the product name, highlight it, click the "" button, type or paste in the URL, and click OK. The end result will look like
[ url=]DAZ 3D[/url ] (except without the spaces before the first "url" and after the last "url"), and if you prefer you can just type the code.

Any other questions? Please feel free to ask in the WIP and Discussion Thread.

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    Please join me in congratulating our contest winners!

    In the category of Best Portrait
    First Place goes to Storypilot, for Clancy a.k.a. Homunculus
    Honorable Mention is Satira Capriccio, for Little Beast

    In the category of Most Creative or Inventive Formula
    First Place goes to JesterVII, for Guardians of the Gates
    Honorable Mention is Saiyaness, for The Forest Folk

    In the category of Best Likeness (of a historical or contemporary public figure, or famous fictional character)
    First Place goes to Kamion99, for Elizabeth Siddal
    Honorable Mention is Sasje, for Angelina

    In the category of Best Character by a New User
    First Place goes to peter.schelfhout for Exo 1751b
    Honorable Mention is Rakceyen for Kaine

    These eight winning entries will compete in a public vote to determine the winner of the bonus prize. You (meaning any registered member of the DAZ 3D forum) can cast a vote here.

    And the winner of Laticis's Special Prize for Best Overall Image is:
    Storypilot, for Clancy aka Homunculus (specifically, the render “Homunculus Grabbing Sabra”)
    Laticis told me he was impressed with the scene and camera angle, and enjoyed the story behind this image.

    I think everyone who submitted entries (and non-entries!) deserves congratulations for your fine work. I’ll be providing more specific feedback on each of the entries in the coming days (probably nothing too detailed, given the number of entries, but I want to say a little something about all of them). In general, I really enjoyed everyone’s unique creations!

    About the judging:

    I enlisted a panel of judges to help me determine the winners (and honorable mentions) of the four categories. Each judge could vote for up to three entries in each category: three points for first, two points for second, and one point for third. The votes of each judge, including myself, were weighted equally. The votes were totalled up and the winners chosen based on the overall score in each category. I had stated in the rules that no contestant would be selected as the winner of more than one the end this rule wasn’t needed, as each category had different top vote-getters anyway.

    Some more results I found interesting:

    - Sasje and Cybersox13 both deserve congratulations for submitting four different entries that each received at least one vote.
    - There were 16 different entries that received votes in the Best Portrait category, including seven that received a first-place vote (with eight judges, that means that almost everyone had a different idea of who should win this category).
    - 14 entries were eligible for the New User category, and a strong majority of them received at least one vote. Including Kamion99’s winning entry in the Best Likeness category, several of the New User entries received votes in more than one category.
    - The contest was highly competitive...there were two ties that had to be broken, and a couple of other entries that ended up just a vote or two short of winning a prize.

    Note to the winners:

    Please send me a PM with your e-mail address (the one associated with your DAZ 3D account) so that I can facilitate your prizes being awarded. The gift certificates from me, Jaderail, Laticis, and/or Novica will be sent to you after you send me your e-mail address. The store credit from DAZ 3D will probably be awarded after the public vote has closed and the winner of the bonus prize determined.

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    This is New Render I made just for this

    I don't like morphing human type figures, the only thing I did morph was the cube to make it taller and wider to make a wall

    Cube Scale Specs:
    Reflections on at 100.0%

    Overall Scale: 100.0%
    X Scale: 851.1%
    Y Scale: 295.2%
    Z Scale: 100.0%

    Figure Name
    Topless Sexy(Basic Female)

    Pose Name
    Female Covering 01

    Software used and Links
    Daz3D Pro
    Genesis Starter Essentials(No Link that I can find)

    618 x 800 - 189K
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    SNova332 said:
    This is New Render I made just for this

    I don't like morphing human type figures, the only thing I did morph was the cube to make it taller and wider to make a wall

    6. Along with your entry image(s), you must include the following information:
    a. Name of character
    b. All software used in the creation of your image or images
    c. full formula (list of morphs with values) used in the creation of the character, and links to the sources of morphs you used (products).
    d. You must also list and link to all products you used for your character’s skin texture, hair, clothing, and accessories.
    Entries that do not include all of this information will be disqualified.
    for the sake of the thread, please remove my post for continuity.
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    Name: African Girl

    0.58 Lip Full 0.87 Upper Lip Shape
    1.00 Baby Fat 0.79 Cheek Bones
    0.54 Nose Shape Round -0.067 Nose Wide African
    0.036 Lager Lips 0.22 Face Round
    0.70 Face Smooth 1 0.46 Pouty Lips
    0.27 Shape Mouth 2 0.21 Thinner Nose
    0.58 Lower Lip Devine 1.00 Baby Fat 2
    0.20 British -0.15 Reduce Nose Ridge
    -0.32 Scale Mouth -0.67 Shot Nose
    0.54 Young Face -0.27 Adj Under Nose
    -0.39 African 0.58 Lip Puff
    -0.20 Nose Center Broad -0.46 Nose Tip Define 1
    0.21 Eyes Down 0.46 African Female A
    0.26 African Female A Up 0.29 African Female B
    0.63 Mouth Width 1.00 Eyes Depth
    -0.21 Eyes Width -0.35 Nose Height
    1.00 Nose Width -0.036 Eyes Size
    1.00 EyesLid Bottom in Height 0.31 Eyelid Bottom Out Height

    I hope I’ve got everything

    Used Genesis Basic Child
    Daz Studio 4.6 pro and Photoshop only for the Contrast.

    Skin Texture is Jade for The Kids 4 (here in Daz shop)

    800 x 1035 - 374K
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    Hope I get this right.

    Texture by me using
    M4 V4 A4 Resource 1

    AoA Subsuface Shader.

    Morph packs used
    HFS Shapes
    Sirano and Sirena

    CDI Morphus transported over using GenX
    Evolution Morphs
    Iconic Shapes Gen 4
    Victoria 5
    Ramwolff's morphs

    Clothing items used
    Red Star (her)
    Troll for Genesis Loin (him)
    Rocky Flats
    Water is the sewer water from ant farms Killzone Alley.

    Background sky done in Bryce.
    Rendered in DS 4.6
    Some postwork done in Photoshop.

    Character names The Lizard People from the planet Amoepush

    1060 x 1500 - 444K
    1060 x 963 - 385K
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    A. Name of character: Reina Tanaka

    B. All software used in the creation of your image or images: DazStudio and MS Paint [paste images, text]

    C. full formula (list of morphs on IMAGE BELOW)

    Ca.links to the sources of morphs you used (products).

    A3 and H3 Shapes for Genesis
    Hitomi 3D Anime Girl for Genesis
    Genesis Evolution: Muscularity
    Genesis Evolution: Morph Bundle

    D. You must also list and link to all products you used for

    Character’s skin texture***********************
    Eyes *********************************
    Victoria 5 Elite Texture Bree
    Super Bob Hair
    Genesis Supersuit
    Supersuit Troopers
    A' Sharad Hett's Lightsabers from Vanishing Point freebies

    1196 x 1045 - 287K
    1746 x 1082 - 459K
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    A Name of Character The Tree Creeth

    B Software used – Das3d 4.6 , Photoshop CS3, Tiffen Dx, Colour Efex Pro, Lightroom 3

    C Formula

    Internal Behemoth 0.11%
    Raw Slim-man 28.1%
    Michael 5 Hero 1.0%
    HFS Shapes Bodydetails01 150%
    HFS Shapes Bodydetails02 70.8%
    HFS Shapes Feet03 120%
    HFS Shapes Head 09 78.1%
    HFS Shapes Head 10 5.2%
    HFS Shapes Head 14 87.5%
    HFS Shapes Hnds02 120%
    HFS Shapes Legz 02 100%
    HFS Shapes neck02 150%
    Beast 1%
    Sirena Backspikes 362.7%
    Sirano Back 100%
    Fingernails Claw 1%
    Toenails Claw 1%

    D Sources

    Textures Forest King by Rawart (Skin Texture) Touched Fantasy Eyes for Genesis by Renderwelten (Eyes Colour) Otherworld Wonder Calx by Surreality (Lacrimals)
    Lights Star Struck Twinkle for A4 by Art Collaborations
    Props Dm Sacrifice (Tree) by Danie& marforno

    Shaping Products HFS Shapes –by Dariofish HFS Shapes for Genesis by Dariofish Infernal Behemoth by Das3d The Slim Man by Rawart Sirena by renderwelten Sirano by renderwelten Genesis Creature Crestor Bundle Das3d Michael 5 Das3d

    Background Image
    My own tree image shot with Nikon d700 and edited in PS

    630 x 800 - 292K
    593 x 800 - 305K
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    Ok, here we go....

    The overall idea of this shape was to turn the Anubis' standard shape and make it more 'normal' or human while keeping his large and animal frame. I didn't want to go overboard with the morphs because I didn't want him to look distorted or unnatural.

    Character: Anubis
    Software: Daz Studio 4.6, 3Delight renderer, and Photoshop elements (for light editing of the first image)
    Full list:
    Actor --
    Anubis 1

    Neck --
    Levator Scapulae 0 .45
    omohyoid 0.35
    Trapezius 0.31
    Neck size -0.57

    Torso --
    Erector spinae lateral 0.84
    External oblique flank 0.45
    External oblique thoracic 0.71
    Pectoralis Major 0.58
    Pectoralis minor 0.32
    Pectorals Center depth 0.50
    Pectorals squared 0.49
    Rectus abdominus 0.23
    rectus abdominus irregular 0.76
    Seratus anterior 0.70
    Navel 1
    Navel depth 0.45
    Nipples 0.50
    Sternum Depth -0.44
    Stomach depth 1
    Stomach lower depth -0.50

    Arms --
    Biceps 0.40
    Brachialis 1
    Brachioradialis 0.66
    Deltoids 0.60
    Extensor carpi ulnaris 0.34
    Extensor digitorum 0.76
    Flexor carpi radialis 0.29
    Palmaris Longus 0.40
    Triceps Lateral head 0.13
    Triceps long head 0.18
    Triceps medial head 0.49

    Hands --
    Hands thick 1

    Hip --
    Genital bulge 1 1.00
    Aponeurosis external oblique 0.30
    Gluteus maximus 0.59
    Gluteus medius 0.13
    Greater trochanter 0.39
    Tensor fascia lata 0.58

    Legs --
    Adductors 0.50
    Gastrocnemius lateral 0.25
    Gastrocnemius medial 0.32
    Hamstrings 0.60
    Lliotibial tract 0.55
    Peroneus brevis 0.63
    Tibialis anterior 0.37
    Vastus lateralis 0.22
    Vastus medialis 0.31

    All body morphs used, no face morphs.

    Products --
    Anubis (Character, clothes, sword, main shape, and textures for them)
    Mandgadfor (background)
    Them bones
    More of Them Bones
    Fantasy Camp III (vase on the right)
    Genesis Evolution Muscularity
    Genesis Evolution Body Morphs
    Light the Way (light preset)

    Image 1: finished work with post work (simple light fixes and some blurring)
    Image 2: comparison of the Anubis figure with no other morphs and the new shape
    Image 2: finished work with no post work

    As a side note: I am very new to the Daz forums, but not to daz. I have a deviantart account with 3D art starting in September 2012.
    My DeviantART account
    I have this shaping preset available here (and any tips on how to install it better in your library would be great. This is my first freebie)

    I believe (and hope) that is everything

    1000 x 1250 - 732K
    1000 x 878 - 98K
    1000 x 1250 - 192K
  • Herald of FireHerald of Fire Posts: 3,475
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    Name: Annabel
    Software used: Daz Studio 4.6, Photoshop CS5 (postwork)
    Content used:
    Poser Pro content -> Convertible Hi-Rez (background)
    3D Universe's Sandy Bay (Bin Prop)
    Merlin Studio's The Church (Church, tower, wall, skydome and panorama)
    City Roads (street, road, lamp post)
    Lisa's Botanicals Carnation
    Mini Pinny Dress (Link unavailable as it was removed from the Daz store)
    Kaelyn for K4 (texture and morph)
    Lorella the Elf Maiden (morph)
    Young Teens Julie
    Deborah for Julie (morph)
    Asobi for Hitomi (morph)
    Satsuki for Genesis
    Genesis Evolution Morphs
    Nishta (morph)
    Genesis Body Morph Resource Kit
    Kaitey for Kids 4 (hair)
    Aiko 5 (eye textures)

    Character formula:
    Kaelyn: 50% (Converted via Generation X plugin)
    LorellaH: 10%
    Deborah Head: 50%
    Julie Head: 10%
    Asobi: 30%
    Neck length: 25%
    Neck Size: -30%
    Julie Breasts Shape 1: 60%
    Nishta Naval: 100%
    BF_GluteScale: 30%
    BF_GluteScaleL: 50%
    BF_GluteScaleR: 50%
    BF_NarrowTrunk: 30%
    BF_StraightWaistline: -100%
    Collar Bone Detail: 100%
    Rectus Outer Detail: 50%

    (Phew... lotsa content there.. fingers ache).

    Postworked image posted along with non-postworked image for comparison.

    1000 x 1000 - 729K
    1000 x 1000 - 873K
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    Name: Winged Creature

    Faerie 0.50 V5 Supermodel 0.50
    Kimberly Fairy Ears Ear Size -1.00
    Ear Lobs Attached -0.50 Ears Depth 0.16
    Mouth Depth 0.61 Chin Depth 1.00
    Chin Width 0.11 Omohyoid 1.00
    Trapezius 0.15 Neck Length 0.58
    Dog 0.36 Gargoyle 0.53
    Scalp Crest 0.37 Swamp Creature 0.36
    Foot Length R and L 100 Fitness 1.00
    Fitness Details 1.00 Pot Bellied 0.20
    Thin 1.00 Fingernails Claws 1.00
    Fingers Length R and L 1.00

    Used: Daz 4.6 and Photoshop only for contrast
    Character: Genesis
    Texture: EleBeast
    For the rest:
    Troll Clothing: Loincloth (Daz)
    Muelsfell Display Plinth (Daz)
    Fern (Runtime dna)

    800 x 1035 - 286K
  • SaiyanessSaiyaness Posts: 686
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    Name: The Forest Folk
    Software: Daz Studio 4.6 and GIMP
    Genesis Creature Creator Bundle
    Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle
    Aging Morphs for Genesis
    Victoria 5
    Creature Maps Eyes only
    Tropical Bark CGTextures

    The Streets of Asia 2
    Return to the Enchanted Forest

    AMR's Proportions for Genesis
    Freya (Loincloth)

    Ivy Generator (I forgot to mention this!!

    Arms Thick 1.00
    Basic child and Mouth Width -100 (Child)
    Basic Female 1.00 (Mother)
    Exo 0.33
    Lanky Gn AMR -20.00%
    Thin 1.00
    Hump Fat 100%
    Breast Sag 100% (Mother)
    Breast Sag2 21.9% (Mother)
    Breasts Downward Slope 1.00 (Mother)
    Cheek Bones 22.5%
    Earlobes Attached 1.00
    Ears Angle -1.00
    Ears Depth -1.00
    Eye Iris Size 5.77
    Eyelid Size 52.2%
    Eyes Almond Inner 1.00
    Eyes Almond Outer 1.00
    Eyes Size 2.10
    Feet Monstrous 1.00
    Full Spine 100%
    Glute Sag 100%
    Hands Gecko 1.00
    Hands Monstrous 1.00
    Hands Thick 1.00
    Hobgoblin 0.23
    Hump1 100%
    Laugh Lines2 18.7%
    Laugh Lines4 100%
    Limbs Club 1.00
    Mid Spine 100%
    Mouth Height -0.60
    Neck Folds 100%1
    Neck Length 1.00
    Neck Size -0.74
    Neck Wattle Double 100%
    Nose Cat 1.00
    Nose Folds 100%
    Old Body Bent 100% (Mother)
    Pregnant 1.00 (Mother only)
    Pupil Dilate 1.00
    Shoulder Drop 71.9%
    Skin Sag Smoother 100%
    Sunken Lips 100%
    Swamp Creature 0.16
    Swamp Creature 0.16
    Teeth Hide 100%
    Thin Lips 62.7%
    Top Spine 100%
    Two Toes 1.00
    V5 Breast Shape 8 1.00 (Mother)

    1159 x 1500 - 1M
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  • Llola LaneLlola Lane Posts: 3,934
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    Just LOVELY... Saiyaness.... thanks for sharing :)

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,211
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    Entry Withdrawn

    But here is my receipe

    Name: Brain

    Daz Studio 4.6
    Photoshop CS2 (not much postwork just minor things like a little poke through etc but nothing on the figure at all.
    Spikes done with Garibaldi Express Hair System For DAZ Studio

    Texture SOTO's Vincent for The Freak 4

    Pants Spartan Warrior made red in Photoshop first

    Spear Primitive Weapons 1 and 2

    Modular Ruins

    The other small weapon: I have no clue where I got it from and the readme doesn't give me any clues sorry.

    Aging Morphs For Genesis

    Hump 1:– 100%
    Hump2:-- 100%
    Old Body Bent:- 46%
    Shoulder Drop:– 42%
    Neck Detail 1:- 100%
    Neck Detail 2:- -18%
    Neck Detail 3:- -14%
    Neck Detail 4:- 100%
    Neck Detail 5:- 29%
    Neck Detail 4:– 47%
    Neck Folds:- 48%
    Neck Wattle Double:- 100%
    Neck Wattle Single:- 24%
    Bottom Spine:– 100%
    Full Spine – 100%
    Mid Spine – 100%
    Top Spine:- 100%
    Centre Brow Folds1:- 45%
    Centre Brow Folds2:– 56%
    Chin Define:– 100%
    Chin Pointed:– 81%
    Ear Age:- 68%
    Ear Sag:– 46%
    Eye Socket:– 100%
    Eye Lid Size:- -71%
    Side Wrinkles:- 63%
    Under Eye1:– 36%
    Under Eye2:- -100%
    Under Eye3:– 100%
    Jowls 1:– 26%
    Jowls 2:– -1.4%
    Jowls 3:– 14%
    Jowls with Sag:– 28%
    Laugh Lines1:- -78%
    Laugh Lines2:- 58%
    Laugh Lines3:– 42%
    Laugh Lines4:- 30%
    Bulbous1:– 25%
    Bulbous2:- 8%
    Nose Age:– 58%
    Nose Folds:– 65%

    3pt">Genesis Creature Creator Bundle

    Goblin:– 0.41
    Sticky:– 0.25

    Goat:– 0.060
    Hill Troll:– 0.090
    Hobgoblin:– 0.20
    Orc:- 0.23
    Panther:– 0.60
    Scalp Crest:– 0.12
    Snake:– 0.12
    Swamp Creature:– 0.34
    Turtle:– 0.14

    Pupil Slit:– 1.00
    Limbs Club:- 0.31

    Fingernails Claw:- 1.00
    Hands Monstrous:- 1.00

    Toenails Claw:- 1.00

    Genesis Evolution: Morph Bundle
    Bodybuilder Details:– 1.00
    Fitness Details:– 1.00
    Head Propagating Scale:- -0.62%

    Genesis Evolution: Muscularity

    All Muscle Volumes:– 0.70
    Bodybuilder Details:– 1.00
    Fitness Details:– 1.00

    Troll for Genesis:– 0.042

    Genesis Base
    Thin:- 0.59

    Not sure what these belong to

    Face > Real World
    Cheek Bones Size:- -0.75
    Cheeks Define:– 1.00
    Chin Crease:– 1.00
    Chin Depth: 1.00
    Chin Width:- -0.50
    Face Center Depth:- -1.00
    Forehead Define:- 1.00
    Forehead Round: 1.00
    Jaw Angle: 1.00
    Jaw Curve:- -0.50
    Temples Define:- -1.00

    Eyes > Proportions
    Eyes Heigh: - -0.88
    Eyes Width: -0.42

    Eyes > Real World
    Crow's Feet:– 1.00
    Eye Cornea Bulge:- 0.40
    Eye Iris Size:- -0.50
    Eyelashes Length:- -1.00
    Eyes Angle:– 1.00
    Eyes Depth:-1.00
    Eyes Puffy Lower:– 1.00
    Eyes Size:- 0.67
    Eyes Wrinkle:– 1.00
    Hide Outer Lashes:– 1.00

    Nose > Proportions
    Nose Height: -2.00
    Nose Width:- -1.00
    Nose > Real World
    Nose Bridge Width:- -1.00
    Nose Bump:- 1.00
    Nose Septum Depth:– 1.00
    Nose Septum Height: 1.00
    Nose Septum Width:- -0.50
    Nose Size:- -0.50
    Nose Tip Depth:– 1.00
    Nostrils Depth:– 1.00
    Nostrils Height:– -1.00
    Nostrils Width:– -1.00
    Philtrum Depth:– 1.00
    Philtrum Width:- -1.00

    Mouth > Proportions
    Mouth Height:- -0.60
    Mouth Width:- -1.00

    Mouth > Real World
    Lip Lower Depth:- -1.00
    Lip Upper Depth:- -1.50
    Lips Define Edge:- 1.00
    Lips Heart:- 1.00
    Mouth Curves:- 1.00
    Moth Depth:- 1.00

    Ears > Proportions
    Ears Height:- -1.00

    Ears > Real World
    Ear Size:- -2.00
    Earlobes Length:- -1.00
    Ears Angle:- -2.00
    Ears Depth:- 1.00

    Neck > Proportions
    Neck Length:- 1.92
    Neck Size:- -1.00

    Torso > Proportions
    Chest Depth:- 0.66
    Chest Width:- 0.23
    Lats Volume:- 0.30
    Ribcage Volume:- 0.43
    Torso Length:- 0.10
    Waist Width:- 0.47

    Torso > Real World
    Navel:- 1.00
    Nipples:- 0.58

    Limbs > Proportions
    Shoulders Scale:- -0.097
    Shoulders Width:- 0.56
    Upper Arms Volume:- 0.26

    Hands > Proportions
    Hands Thick:- 1.00

    Legs > Proportions
    Knee Bones Volume:- 0.55
    Legs Length:- -42.5%
    Thighs Tone:- 0.044

    Feet > Proportions
    Feet Thick:- 1.00
    Left Foot Propagating Scale:- 40.0%
    Right Foot Propagating Scale:- 40.0%

    898 x 1250 - 800K
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  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 5,278
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    Nice Szark!!! Very unique character. The shape looks really authentic and well constructed. Looks Great:)

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  • cecilia.robinsoncecilia.robinson Posts: 2,208
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    I am very honoured to present my first set of characters for DAZ Studio's Genesis: Nyiramachabelli. The name of the set derives from Rwandese language, meaning "the woman that lives alone on the mountain" - the nickname the Rwandan called Dian Fossey, the prominent primatologist and one of so-called "Leakey's Angels" who devoted her life to preservation and studying of mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei). I highly doubt there's anybody who doesn't recognize this great figure of modern science, but in case it happens, I copied some links that should be helpful. I chose to recreate her look, because I am very keen on primates myself and I love Gorilla for Genesis package. However, all the photographs I was able to find of her were of very poor quality and therefore I decided to recreate how Sigourney Weaver looked when she played Fossey in "Gorillas in the Mist", the famous documentary based off Fossey's book.

    I focused on mimicking Fossey-Weaver's face. The photographs I used for references are avalaible here, here and here.

    This character was done with various Resource Kits for Genesis, Young Teens 5 and Stephanie 4 for Genesis as well as Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle. I cannot texture, though I'd like to learn how to do it, so I used V5 Elite Texture Valerie. However, for the eyes, Andrea for YT5 came in handy (her eyes are beautiful). As for the clothes, I dressed the character in Octavius' shirt and pants, the boots from Forest Scout and Dragonlord's bracers. I had a problem with the hairstyle, though. I do not have a proper one, for example Tears Hair for Genesis. Therefore I used Loreley Hair, which I find very difficult to pose.

    Despite this fact, I had a lot of fun working on this piece in DAZ Studio 4.5 - I want to try out all the improvements DS 4.6 has to offer as soon as I can. I wonder if there will be some nice shaders to use on my gorillas? Speaking of them, I find it really disturbing that DAZ doesn't have any decent primates on offer - despite Gorilla for Genesis. I mean, Silverkey3D's Monkey (which is a macaque, after all!) is okay, but is gets a bit too cartoony at times, whereas Millennium Chimpanzee and Millennium Gorilla just don't stand the times. I really hope they'll improve on this matter, but meanwhile, I had to help myself without it. Gorilla for Genesis is one of my favourite packages, but there's one thing I find tricky: it shows a mature male gorilla - and I wanted kids. Especially the head's shape was tough, female gorillas have them smoother, less egg-shaped. This is how I came up with my gorillas - Cookie, Mekombo, Digit and Binky, which, apart from Digit, are all custom morphs as follows...

    Digit, Fossey's favourite, is a pure Gorilla for Genesis (1.00), I didn't do anything on this figure. As for the little gorillas (from left to right):
    - Mekombo and Binky:
    Gorilla for Genesis 1.00
    Basic Child 1.00
    Baby AT 0.10
    - Cookie:
    Gorilla for Genesis 1.00
    Basic Child 1.00

    What I did to recreate the protagonist of "Gorillas in the Mist" starring Sigourney Weaver as Dian Fossey:
    Basic Female 1.00
    S4 1.00
    Girl Face 1 0.56
    Eyes Shape 1 0.26
    Mouth Area Wider 1.00
    Nose Narrow Long 0.29
    Eyes Open More 0.13
    Narrow Nostrils -0.26
    Cheekbones 0.55
    Eyes Large 0.21
    Mouth Width 0.45
    Nose Height 0.13
    BF Combo Teen Body 0.22
    BF Hip Small 1.00

    Products I needed:
    Andrea for YT Julie (eye colour)
    Baby for Genesis
    Creature Creator Bundle
    Dragon Lord for Genesis (bracers)
    Expressive for Genesis
    Forest Scout (boots)
    Genesis A5 Head Morph Resource Kit
    Genesis Essentials (Basic Female and Basic Child)
    Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 1
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 2
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 3
    Gorilla for Genesis
    Loreley Hair
    Octavius (shirt and pants)
    Stephanie 4 for Genesis
    V5 Elite Texture Valerie
    Young Teens 5

    All expressions come from Expressive for Genesis package. To speed up the rendering process, I rendered each character that appears on the picture separately. Moreover, props' renders - probably mostly of different Lisa's Botanicals and Cyclorama textures - have been provided courtesy of wonderful stock providers I have the pleasure to collaborate with, as follows:
    background by Olbor62
    grass by Sofie73 (retired)
    rock by Zememz (semi-retired: in storage, contact possible)
    plants by BeilArt (retired, however, they have a new page at ArtFire)

    Only Sofie73's stock is not a render, but a hand-painted resource instead. All of the stocks were licensed for non-commercial AND commercial use. For evaluation purposes, I'm attaching my raw renders too, I only used MS Paint to paste gorillas' pictures alongside with their names to recognize morphs easily - so that I didn't have to attach more than five attachments (you can see Mekombo and Cookie appear on the same image). The first from the left picture is the real entry, the rest being the raw morph promos.

    I made my first purchase through DAZ store in October 2012, so I consider myself a new user and, above all, a beginner. I hope the contest will serve as a place for learning the ropes of morph creating, so any kind of advice is greatly appreciated.

    Sites about Dian Fossey's mission worth visiting:

    1024 x 1277 - 688K
    1002 x 842 - 497K
    963 x 722 - 285K
    978 x 974 - 363K
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  • PVGamesPVGames Posts: 0
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    Name of Character: The Fallen One
    Software Used: DAZ3D, GIMP
    Full Formula: Michael 5: 90%
    Tough Guy Head: 35%
    Body Builder: 20%
    Body Builder Details: 35%
    Products Used:
    Genesis Evolution Bodymorphs:
    Pure Hair: Sleek:
    Skin Texture: Rae-El The Demon:
    Outfit: Pretorian for Genesis:
    Epic Wings for Genesis:
    Epic Wings x-pansion:

    Postwork Brushes from Ron's Water Bundle:
    And Ron's Magical Snow:
    Additional Photoshop brushes are customized.

    Background: Easy Environments - Road to Hell:

    Since the entry contains a fair amount of post-work, here is a link to the original, unedited render: TheFallenOne_NoPostwork

    800 x 800 - 132K
  • BlackFeather1973BlackFeather1973 Posts: 739
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    My first entry, he's a bit of a couch potato...

    Name of character : Leonard
    Software used : Daz Studio 4.5
    Additional roducts used : Night Out Suit, James for M5, Home One Apartment, Home One Living Room,
    Casual 1950 for Genesis Male, Cool and Squaresville, Hiro 5.
    Full formula :
    Aging Morphs for Genesis
    Neck Detail5 50%
    Jowls with Sag 91.5%
    Toon Amy for Genesis
    Toon Amy 52.8%
    Benjamin for M5
    BenjaminBody 66.2%
    Michael 5
    Michael 5 0.43
    Genesis Starter Essentials
    Bodybuilder 0.87
    Heavy 0.95
    Jaw Size 0.69
    Navel 0.53
    Glutes Volume 0.31
    Genesis Creature Creator Heads
    Alien Scalp 0.33
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 1
    BridgeDownNarrow 0.70
    EyeCornerSweep 0.82
    Axel International for M5
    AX_Tony Head 0.31
    V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis
    Michael 4 Head 0.77
    Ethnicity for Genesis : Native American
    Native American Male B Up 0.11
    Genesis Evolution : Head Morphs
    Lacrimals Pinch 0.67
    Nose Pinch 0.58
    Genesis Evolution : Body morphs
    Navel Vertical 0.36
    Genesis Body Morph Resource Kit 1
    BF_GluteShape3 0.70
    Genesis Body Morph Resource Kit 2
    BM_LegsMaleMix 0.38

    800 x 600 - 219K
  • PVGamesPVGames Posts: 0
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    Name of Character: The Dancer
    Software Used: DAZ3D, GIMP
    Full Formula: Victoria 5 (regular, not supermodel): 50%
    Aiko 5: 40%
    Fitness Details: 31%
    Azumi Head: 9%
    Naval: 100%
    Waist Width: -35%
    Hip Volume: 3%
    Julie: .02%

    Products Used:
    Julie (Teens 5):
    Genesis Evolution Morphs:
    Azumi for Aiko5:
    Victoria 5 (Pro Bundle):
    Aiko 5 (Pro Bundle):

    Skin Texture: Azumi for Aiko5:
    Hair: Pure Hair - Timeless:
    Outfit: Gypsy Dancer:
    Background: Dance Studio:

    800 x 800 - 325K
  • JennKJennK Posts: 834
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    OK I hope I have everything Listed right. I attached a close up and a pulled back view

    Character Name: Meinir


    Genesis Basic
    Waist Width: 0.82
    Collar Bone Detail 0.39

    Creature Creator Heads:
    Cat: 0.80
    Demon: 0.35
    Ears Elf Anime: 0.58

    Otherwordly Tamesis:
    Body: 0.64

    Body: 0.62

    Aging Morphs:
    Old Body Bent: 100.00
    Shoulder Drop: 51.0
    Centre brow folds 1: 93.3
    Centre Brow folds 2: 58.1
    Centre Fold: 62.1
    Forehead folds 100.0
    Temples 49.4
    Chin Define: 60.9
    Eye Bags 73.1
    Eye sag 61.3
    Eye Socket 13.0
    Eyelid Size 42.3
    Side Wrinkles 52.2
    Under eye 1: 36.8
    under eye 2 :16.2
    Under eye 3: 31.2
    Cheek Bones: 57.3
    Face Sag 1: 63.6
    Jowls 2: -45.5
    Laugh Lines1: 79.4
    Laugh Lines2: 81.8
    Laugh Lines 3: -3.6
    Weight -100..0
    Gums soft 42.3
    Sunken lips 36.0
    Thin lips 49.4
    Buldbou2: 67.6
    Nose folds” 58.5

    Skin texture: 02-V$WildMAT from Otherwordly Wonders Tamesis:

    Eyes: Freak 5 eyes 01:

    Wardrobe: Gaia for V4:
    Texture: Brietta :

    Scenery: Return to the Enchanted Forest:

    Pose: From Doomed Poet Poses and Expressions:

    Rendered in DAZ 4.5
    Post-work in Photoshop only for contrast.

    800 x 800 - 370K
    799 x 761 - 341K
  • BlackFeather1973BlackFeather1973 Posts: 739
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    My second entry.

    Name of character : Jeffrey
    Software used : Daz Studio 4.5
    Additional products used : Beck for M4, Jordan Hair, Rocks N Drops Fantasy Scene Kit.
    Full formula :
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 1
    EyesSidesSmooth 0.26
    CheekNoseSlope 0.50
    MouthCornersUp -0.30
    NoseTipDefine1 0.31
    LowLipPlump 0.45
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 2
    LowerFaceFlat 0.12
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 3
    EyesLarge2 0.25
    FaceSmooth2 0.67
    LowerLipNarrow 0.12
    ThinLips 0.57
    Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 4
    EyeArea 0.69
    Genesis Body Morph Resource Kit 2
    BM_BigSquareJaw 0.29
    BM_CheekBones2 0.26
    BM_CheekBonesSharp 0.0061
    BM_CleftChin2 0.61
    BM_FaceCenterX 0.96
    BM_FaceCenterY 0.10
    BM_JawMasculin 0.82
    BM_JawMasculin2 0.70
    BM_JawMuscles1 0.40
    BM_StrongBrowRidge 0.66
    BM_StrongJawNeck 0.94
    BM_UnderNoseAdjust 0.18
    BM_Nose1 0.19
    BM_Nose3 0.64
    BM_Nose4 0.33
    BM_Nose5 0.91
    BM_NoseTip1 0.097
    BM_MouthShape1 0.60
    BM_MouthShape5 0.36

    600 x 776 - 330K
  • GrovelightGrovelight Posts: 42
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    I decided to have another crack at humanoid style alien as the first was a lot of fun
    A Name of Character Miss Andromeda
    B Software used – Das3d 4.6 , Photoshop CS3, Tiffen Dx, Colour Efex Pro, Lightroom 3
    C Formula

    ElfBodyFemale 0.88
    Stephanie5 Curvy Body 0.79
    Stephanie5 Model Body 1.00
    Aiko 5 0.35
    Wednesday 0.35
    Freak 5 0.14
    Exo 0.23
    HFS_Shapes_Cranium01 150
    HFS_Shapes_Cranium02 108.3
    HFS_Shapes_Cranium03 70.8
    HFS_Shapes_Cranium04 50
    HFS_Shapes_Hip02 75
    HFS_Shapes_Hnds02 120
    Heavy 0.11
    Sirena Head 98.1
    NaokiHead 7.2
    Stephaniemodel Head 0.25
    Aiko 5 Head -0.35
    Scalp Crest 1.70
    Native American Female A Low 0.24
    Native American Female A Up 0.56
    Native American Female b Low 0.0017
    Native American Female B Up -0.22
    Native American Female C Low 0.65
    Native American Female C up 0.28
    Cheeks Sink 0.75
    Chin Depth 1.00
    Chin Width 0.56
    Face Heart 0.34
    Nose Height 0.25
    Nose Width -0.56
    Nose Tip Depth 1.00
    Nose Tip Height 1.00
    Nostrils Width -1.00
    Philtrum Angel 0.0033
    Philtrum Width -0.063
    Mouth Height 0.049
    Mouth Width 0.28
    Lip To Peak 0.38
    Lip Upper Depth 0.82
    Lip Upper Size 0.46
    Ear Elf Mid 0.29
    Sirano Ears 100
    Ears Height 2.33
    Ear Size 1.00
    Earlobes Attached 0.44
    Ears Depth 0.87
    Neck Size 0.11
    Trap Volume 0.56
    Sirena Backspikes 195.5
    Hands Gecko 1.00
    D Sources

    Skin Textures by Rebelmommy

    Shaping Products Sirena by renderwelten Sirano by renderwelten Freak 5 by Das3d Genesis Creature Creator Bundle Das3d Ethnicity for Genesis Native American Naoki For V4 and V5 by Raiya HFS Shapes –by Dariofish
    c/o HFS Shapes for Genesis by Dariofish Aiko 5 by Das3d Wednesday for Aiko 4& Aiko 5 by Das3d Sarsa & Thorne Stephanie 5 Das3d Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle Das3d Children of Danu for Genesis by Arki

    Shaders Genesis Supersuit

    Clothing Infinity by Das3d Diva by Blondie9999 Darkest Nights by Blueeyes Genesis Super suit by Das3d

    Prop Forest Dryad by Das3d Victoria 4 by Das 3d ( Used invisibly to attach infinity wings)
    Background Image
    My own stacked Astro image shot with Nikon d700

    630 x 800 - 191K
  • SasjeSasje Posts: 806
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    Name: Vera
    Skin: VH Noelle for Kids4 ( Renderosity)
    Figure: Genesis child base
    Software: Daz 4.6 pro and Photoshop only for the contrast

    Eyes height -0.62
    Eyes width 0.25
    Eyes iris correction -1.00
    Eyes depth 0.91
    Mouth width 0.68
    Philtrum depth 0.91
    Low lip plump 0.85
    Mouth shape 0.82
    Mouth shape 2 0.20
    Reduce chin 0.66
    Young face 0.66
    Baby fat 2 0.73
    British 0.12
    Face round 0.060
    Lager lips 0.34
    Oriental 0.17
    Prouty lips 0.22
    Shape mouth 3 0.61
    Small chin 0.082
    Young oval face 0.27

    Basic child 1.00
    Peare figure 0.38

    800 x 1035 - 347K
  • Satira CapriccioSatira Capriccio Posts: 523
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    Name of Character: Kisiki

    Software Used:
    Poser Pro 2014
    Photoshop CS5 Extended

    Morph Packages:
    Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
    Stephanie 4 Elite Base
    Victoria 4.2 Muscle Morphs
    Victoria 4.2 Creature Creator Morphs
    V4 Elite Body Shapes
    V4 Elite Ethnic Faces (International Faces)
    She Freak V4
    Aiko 4 Base

    Skin Texture:

    Clothing Texture:
    Selection-Fabrics 1 Materials

    Additional Products:
    Y spiri Boots

    Lisa's Botanicals - Tall Grass
    Lisa's Botanicals - Daylily
    Lily Garden (for Lisa's Botanicals - Daylily)

    Hair created in Poser Hair Room
    Clothing created in Marvelous Designer 2

    Character Settings Head
    Morphs | Shapes
    John 0.188
    George 0.088

    Full Head & Face
    Becky 0.062
    Maria 0.117
    Brigette 0.160

    Upper Face
    ForeheadDefine 0.067
    ForeheadWrinkle 0.012
    BrowDepth 0.019
    BrowSmooth 0.161

    EyesHeightInner 0.128
    EyesSunken 0.061
    EyesBaggy 0.151
    EyeLidsBottomDefine 0.081
    EyesWrinkle 0.101
    LacrimalSizeR 0.147
    LacrimalSizeL 0.060

    EyesIrisBulge 0.020
    EyesIrisConvexity 0.176

    EarIn-OutL 0.041
    EarsSize 0.121
    EarsElf 0.145
    EarsElfLong 0.052

    NoseDepth 0.033
    NoseFleshFull 0.069
    NoseBridgeWidth 0.080
    NoseBridgeHeight 0.185
    NostrilsHoleHeight 0.045

    MouthSize 0.120
    MouthCornerDepth 0.140
    LipTopEdgeHeight 0.082
    LipBottomDepth 0.198

    Lower Face
    CheeksDefine 0.125
    CheeksSink 0.100
    CheekDimpleCreaseR 0.190
    JawSize 0.010
    JawAngle 0.036
    ChinCleft 0.012

    UtopianHead 0.189
    SylphHead 0.082

    International Faces
    Full Head
    EasternEuropean 0.049
    AmericanIndian 0.0146
    Polynesian 0.174
    SouthAmericanIndian 0.021

    Polynesian_Faceshape 0.137

    Bushman_Eyes 0.058
    Asian_Eyes 0.105

    Aborigine_Nose 0.145
    Polynesian_Nose 0.047

    Aborigine_Lips 0.035
    Polynesian_Lips 0.047

    She-Freak 4
    Lykopis 0.114

    Aiko 4
    RealisticClassic 0.177
    Stylized 0.185

    Creature Creator
    Full Head
    AlienGreySmooth 0.196
    ChimpFace 0.095
    DogFace 0.088
    Snake 0.130

    ScalpCrest 0.198

    EarCat 0.084
    EarElfIn 0.027
    EarElfShort 0.029
    EarMouse 0.053
    EarMouseBack 0.022

    NosePig 0.131

    TeethMolarGoneBottom 0.077

    HeadSize 0.050

    Character Settings Body
    Morphs | Shapes
    Full Body
    Voluptuous -0.500
    PearFigure 0.250

    BreastsNatural 0.200
    AreolaOut 0.500
    AreolaPerk 0.500
    NipplesDepth 0.500

    Lower Torso
    TummyOut 0.500
    WaistWidth -0.500
    LineaAlba 0.500
    AbsHeightR -0.250
    AbsHeightL -0.250
    NavelSize 1.000
    NavelVertical 0.500
    HipsSize 0.750
    HipsCrest 0.750

    HipsSpandex 0.300
    GlutesSize 1.000
    GluteRaiseR 1.000
    GluteRaiseL 1.000

    ThighsTone 0.400
    ShinsThickness 0.500
    FeetForShoe -0.500

    Stephanie 4
    Full Body
    Stephanie (Body) 0.500

    Upper Torso
    ClaviclesDefine 0.800
    RibCageDetail 0.500
    RibCageContour 0.300
    ShldrBladeDepth 0.800
    ShouldersDepth 0.800
    SternumDetail 0.8

    ForeArmsContour 0.500
    UpperArmsContour 0.500

    Lower Torso
    NavelOuterRing 0.500

    GluteSmoothed 0.300
    GluteLowerDepth 0.600

    KneeCapVolume 1.00
    ThighFrontContour 0.500
    ThighOuterControu 1.00

    Short 0.500

    She-Freak 4
    Scale Hands Feet 1.000

    Creature Creator
    Belly 0.500
    Faerie 0.500
    Stocky 0.300
    HandsThick 0.500
    HandsGecko 0.300

    Wirey 0.300

    SternoMastoidR 0.500
    SternoMastoidL 0.500
    Trapezius -0.200
    Deltoid 0.300
    Latissimus 0.100
    Pectoral 0.100
    Serratus 0.300
    Teres 0.100
    TeresMajor 0.300
    Bicep 0.100
    Brachialis 0.200
    Coracobrachialis 0.500
    Tricep 0.130
    Brachioradialis 0.100
    ExtensorCarpRadialis 0.200
    ExtensorUlnerus 0.200
    FlexorRadialis 0.200
    Gluteus 0.200
    RectusFemorus 0.200
    Satrorius 0.200
    Adductor 0.100
    Hamstrings 0.100
    VastusLateralus 0.200
    VastusMedialus 0.100
    TibialusAnterior 0.800

    Body: Morphforms
    HeadSize 0.050
    FeetSize 0.100

    Left is Raw, Right is Postworked. (Guess I should have attached them in the opposite order)

    Edit: Added closeup of head.

    1296 x 1730 - 3M
    1296 x 1728 - 624K
    1296 x 1728 - 614K
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  • stump3point1stump3point1 Posts: 139
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    Here is my submission, I call her BeeBee and Family. All done in DAZ Studio 4.6 with one distant light and Uber Environment 2(included with DAZ Studio) and my own HDR image.

    Products Used:
    Victorie 4 Morphs++

    GenerationX Plugin

    Gen 4 Iconic Shapes

    Gen 3 Legacy Shapes A3 and H3:

    Gen 3 Legacy Shapes V3 and M3:

    Victoria 5:

    I used the stock Materials in DAZ Studio Lana and Jeremy

    Here is the dial list:

    BeeBee Male


    Hiro3= 1


    Body Tone= .23

    Fitness= .33


    Basic Female= -45

    Vitoria 4= .52

    Aiko 4= -.35

    The Girl= .23

    GenX V4 morphs++

    Jaw In-Out= 1

    Eye height R= 1

    Eye height L= 1

    Eye Fold Smooth= .49

    Eyes Height= 1

    Face Heart= .55

    Face Mid depth= 1

    Chin width=.97

    Jaw Angle= .63

    Lip Bottom thickness= 1

    Lip Top thickness= 1

    Mouth corner Depth= .59

    Mouth Height= .97

    Mouth Size= 1

    Nose bridge thickness= .16

    Nose height= .72

    Nose Size= 1

    Nose Tip Height= .21

    Nose tip Up-Down= .26

    Nostril Flesh Size= .027

    Philtrum strength= .19


    Head Propagating Scale= 20.8%


    Jaw Size= .54


    Eyes Height= 1

    Eyes Width= -.32


    Nose Height= -.27

    Nose Width= .78


    Mouth Height= .43

    Mouth Width= 1

    Ears Ears Height= 1

    Ears Angle= -.53


    Neck Length= 1

    Neck Size= -1

    Traps Volume= .97


    Chest Depth= -.2

    Chest Scale= 9.4%

    Lats Volume= .23

    Rib cage Volume= .32

    Torso Length= -.91

    Waist Width= .06

    Navel= .3


    Arms Length= -.56

    Shoulders Volume= .14

    Upper Arms Volume= .28


    Hand propagating Scale L and R= 62%


    Thighs Volume= .084

    Legs Length= -31.7%


    Feet Propagating Scale L and R = 50%


    Same as male +



    Basic Child= .75

    BeeBee Female



    Aiko 4= 1



    Basic Female Head= -.45

    Victoria 4 Head= .52

    Aiko 4 Head= -.35

    The Girl 4 Head= .23


    Victoria 4 morph++

    Jaw In-Out= 1

    Eye Height L= 1

    Eye Height R= 1

    Eye Fold Smooth= .49

    Eyes Height= 1

    Face Heart= .55

    FaceMidDepth= 1

    Jaw Angle= .63

    Philtrum strength= .19

    Lip Bottom Thickness= 1

    Lip Top Thickness= 1

    Mouth Corner Depth= .59

    Mouth Height= .97

    Mouth Size= 1

    Nose Bridge Thickness= .16

    Nose Size= 1

    Nose Tip Height= .21

    Nose Tip Up-Down= .26

    Nostril Flesh Size= .027

    Head Universal

    Head Propagating Scale= 20.8%


    Jaw Size= .25


    Eyes Height= 1

    Eyes Width= -.32


    Nose Height= 1

    Nose Width= .78


    Mouth Height= .69

    Mouth Width= 1


    Ears Height= 1

    Ears Angle= -.53


    Neck Length= 1

    Neck Size= -1

    Traps Volume= .07



    Breasts Natural= .26

    V5 Breasts Upward Slope= .77


    Chest Depth= -.2

    Chest Scale= -4.3%

    Lats Volume= .23

    Torso Lenght= -1.48

    Waist width= -.66

    Navel= .3


    Arms Length= -.56

    Shoulder Volume= .14

    Upper Arms Volume= .28


    Hand Propagating Scale L and R= 62%


    Thighs Volume= .084

    Legs Length= -31.7%


    Feet Propagating Scale L and R= 40%

    Female Child

    Same as Female+



    Stephanie 4= .3

    Aiko 4= .5


    Basic Child= .27

    Products used in render:

    V4 Raiver

    Full and feathered Hair:

    Wild mane incuded with Daz Studio:

    Bad Guy T-Shirt and Pants:

    Tshirt Included With Daz Studio:

    Daz Enviornment:

    V3 Vest from Poser World:

    Duke Hair included with DAZ Studio:

    600 x 800 - 370K
    800 x 640 - 189K
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  • princessartemisprincessartemis Posts: 0
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    Character name: Christopher

    The goal is to appear as the actor Christopher Lambert.
    I am also quite new, so would like to be considered for the new user part of the contest.

    ETA: This formula is posted as a requirement of the contest, no permission beyond what is stated in the rules is implied by this. If you want to use it, ask me. This is pretty much the first thing I've posted here and want to feel safe continuing to do so.

    Software used: DAZ Studio 4.6

    Aging Morphs for Genesis
    Jowls with Sag: 3.4%
    Bulbous2: 2.4%

    James for M5
    JamesBody 22.9%

    Manly Men M5
    ManlyMen08: 6.2%

    Michael 5
    Michael 5 Smooth: .47
    Michael 5: 100

    RAMWork's Morphs for Genesis
    RAM-ShldrsWiden: 20.8%
    Head-AgeDetails-02: 20.8%
    Head-Chin-Point: 28.1%
    Head-Chin-Square-Narrow: -4.7%
    Head-Eyebrow-Arch-Left: -12.5%
    Head-Eyebrow-Arch-Right: -12.5%
    Head-Eyebrow-In: 27%
    Head-Eyebrows-Arch: -7.8%
    Head-Eyebrows-DownIn: 18%
    Head-Nose-TipUp: 12.8%

    Genesis Evolution: Muscularity
    All Muscle Volumes: .010
    Trapezius: .098
    Traps Volume: .13

    AMR's Proportions for Genesis
    Lanky Gn AMR: 21.2%

    Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs
    Body Tone: .26
    Fitness: .20
    Fitness Details: .17
    Thin: .55
    Adams Apple: .20
    Neck Size: .92
    Palm Scale Left: -3.8%
    Palm Scale Right: -3.8%

    Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs
    Jaw Size: .13
    Brow Define: -0.28
    Brow Depth: .23
    Cheek Bones Size: -0.16
    Cheek Bones Width: .055
    Cheeks Depth: .23
    Cheeks Sink: .10
    Chin Crease: .76
    Chin Width: .18
    Cranium Slope: -0.041
    Face Flat: .0040
    Face Square: .024
    Forehead Define: .38
    Forehead Flat: .45
    Forehead Round: .27
    Jaw Angle: .061
    Jaw Curve: .37
    Jaw Define: .49
    Jaw Height: -0.068
    Jaw Line Depth: -0.034
    Temples Define: .0068
    Eyes Height: .26
    Eyes Width: -0.11
    Eyelashes Length: .39
    Eyelashes Top Point: .81
    Eyelids Bottom Define: .72
    Eyelids Bottom In Height: .47
    Eyelids Bottom Out Height: .091
    Eyelids Fold Down: .89
    Eyelids Heavy: .78
    Eyelids Lower Height: .66
    Eyelids Top In Height: .71
    Eyelids Top Out Height: .54
    Eyes Almond Inner: -0.44
    Eyes Almond Outer: 0.87
    Eyes Angle: -0.11
    Eyes Depth: .45
    Eyes Height Inner: -0.80
    Eyes Height Outer: .49
    Eyes Puffy Upper: .72
    Eyes Size: -0.081
    Lacrimals Pinch: -0.90
    Lacrimals Size: .14
    Nose Height: .18
    Nose Width: -0.088
    Crooked Nose: -0.10
    Nose Bridge Depth: -.42
    Nose Bridge Height: -0.14
    Nose Bridge Slope: -0.42
    Nose Bridge Width: .49
    Nose Bump: -0.10
    Nose Depth: .24
    Nose Flesh Full: .18
    Nose Pinch: .068
    Nose Ridge: .50
    Nose Ridge Width: .16
    Nose Round: .22
    Nose Septum Depth: -0.0040
    Nose Septum Height: -0.47
    Nose Size: -0.14
    Nose Tip Depth: .020
    Nose Tip Height: -0.59
    Nose Tip Width: -0.028
    Nostrils Depth: .15
    Nostrils Flesh Size: .081
    Nostrils Height: .028
    Nostrils Width: .45
    Philtrum Angle: .21
    Philtrum Depth: .27
    Mouth Height: -0.12
    Mouth Width: -0.47
    Lip Lower Depth: .59
    Lip Lower Size: -0.27
    Lip Lower Width: .54
    Lip Top Peak: -0.62
    Lip Upper Curves: -0.79
    Lip Upper Depth: -0.077
    Lip Upper Size: -0.19
    Lips Define Edge: .46
    Lips Heart: .12
    Lips Square: -.24
    Lips Thin: -0.23
    Mouth Curves: -0.78
    Mouth Depth: .13
    Teeth Irregular: .11
    Ears Height: .11
    Earlobes Attached: .080
    Earlobes Length: .33
    Earlobes Size: .23
    Ears Depth: -0.15

    Other products used:
    Town and Country for Genesis for the shirt
    Pure Hair: Classic for hair
    Michael 5 for skin textures
    James for Michael 5 for eye texture
    Background came bundled with DAZ Studio.

    896 x 903 - 498K
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  • Satira CapriccioSatira Capriccio Posts: 523
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    Name of Character: Alaksandu

    Software Used:
    Poser Pro 2014
    Photoshop CS5 Extended

    Morph Packages:
    Michael 4 Morphs++
    Michael 4 Muscle Morphs
    M4 Elite Body Shapes
    M4 Elite Ethnic Faces (International Faces)
    The FREAK 4 Base
    F4 Creature Expansion (Freak Creature Exp)
    The FREAK 4 Character Morphs (Freak Expansion)
    Michael 4 Creature Creator Morphs

    Skin Texture:
    Sad Clown Theo

    Clothing Texture:
    Selection-Fabrics 1 Materials

    Additional Products:
    Perseus Hair
    Lisa's Botanicals - Potted Palm
    DMs Zahirs Palace

    Clothing created in Marvelous Designer 2

    Character Settings Head
    Morphs | Shapes

    Michael 4 Morphs++
    Full Head & Face
    FaceBottomDepth 0.150
    FaceFlat 0.125
    FaceRound 0.150

    Upper Face
    ForeheadWrinkle 0.190
    BrowsArch 0.125
    BrowNarrow 0.100

    EyesSizeLarge 0.085
    EyesHeightOuter 0.100
    EyesSunken 0.300
    EyesBaggy 0.200
    EyeFoldsHeight 0.500
    EyeLidsHeavyTop 1.000
    EyeLidsBottomInHeight 0.110
    EyeLidsBottomOutHeight 0.100
    LacrimalsPinch 0.130
    LacrimalSize 0.115
    EyesWrinkle 0.500
    LashesIrregular 0.125

    EarlobesSize 0.100
    EarsElf 0.150
    EarsShape 0.050

    NoseDepth 0.180
    NosePinch 0.150
    NoseSlope 0.250
    NoseBump 0.900
    NoseBridgeHeight 0.110
    NostrilsCreaseDepth 0.050
    NoseSeptumHeight 0.040

    LipsStephen 0.150
    LipTopCrease 0.190
    LipTopCenterHeight 0.165
    LipTopDepth 0.085
    LipTopThickness 0.046

    Lower Face
    CheeksDefine 0.100
    CheeksDepth 0.050
    CheeksHigh 0.100
    PhiltrumCurve 0.100
    PhiltrumDepth 0.080
    JawAngle 0.065
    ChinWidth 0.076

    Freak Creature Expansion
    ThugAlien 0.100

    Freak Expansion
    Golem 0.200

    International Faces
    Full Head
    Indian 0.190
    Asian 0.0100

    AmericanIndian_Faceshape 0.100
    Aborigine_Faceshape 0.070

    Ethiopian_Nose 0.055
    SouthAmericanIndian_Nose 0.030

    Asian_Lips 0.200

    Creature Creator
    Full Head
    Demon 0.200
    Gargoyle 0.010
    Troll 0.010

    EarFin 0.175

    Prosaic (Head) 0.200

    The Freak 4
    MonstrousHead 0.150
    Villain 0.200

    Morphs | Expressions
    BrowOuterUp-DownL 0.200
    BrowInnerUp-DownL -0.100
    BrowSqueeze 0.200
    EyesSquint 0.200
    CheeksFlex 0.200
    MouthSneer-PoutL 0.200
    MouthSide-Side -0.100

    ER(hURt) 0.092

    Michael 4 Morphs++
    HeadSize 0.030

    Character Settings Body
    Morphs | Shapes
    Michael 4 Morphs++
    ChestDroop 0.200
    ChestSize 0.300
    AreolaPerk 0.200
    Nipples 0.300

    ShouldersMassive 0.500
    ShouldersThickness 0.500

    Lower Torso
    NavelVertical 0.300
    NavelDepth 0.800

    FeetForShoe -1.000

    Beefy 0.400
    Wirey 0.800

    Freak Creature Expansion
    FadingWarrior 0.150

    Creature Creator
    Belly 0.300
    Ogre 0.200

    The Freak 4
    HamLimbed 0.150

    Body: Morphforms
    Michael 4 Morphs++
    HeadSize 0.030
    ChestSize -0.500
    LegsLength -1.000

    Left is Postworked, Right is Raw.
    Closeup of head below.

    1296 x 1730 - 3M
    1296 x 1728 - 591K
    1296 x 1728 - 701K
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    Removed - misread the due date, going to tweak and improve it a bit more. :)

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  • PhiloppPhilopp Posts: 232
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    Character name: Philopp "Pelleks" Wing

    Rendered with DAZ Studio 4.6, no postwork done


    Genesis and Genesis Evolution Morph mixed with some Hiro 5 morph dials
    Skin UV Set is from Michael 5, but for the morph I didn't use him, but used the plain Genesis
    Mascularity 0.3
    Body Tone 1.0
    Bodybuilder 0.087
    Bodybuilder details 0.27
    Fitness 0.073
    Fitness details 0.21
    Thin 1.0
    Pectorals developed 0.21
    Pectorals volume 0.12
    Chest Depth 0.0054
    Ribcage Volume 0.032
    Hiro 5 Lower Face Cheeky 0.15
    Hiro 5 Lower Face Narrow 0.57
    Hiro 5 Eyes Lower Angle Up 0.13
    Hiro 5 Eyes Upper Angle Down 0.041
    Jaw Size -0.012
    Brow Define 1.0
    Brow Depth -0.5
    Cheek Bones Size -0.22
    Cheeks Define 0.66
    Cheeks Depth 0.44
    Chin Depth 1.0
    Chin Width 0.18
    Cranium Slope 1.0
    Face Center Depth 1.0
    Face Round 0.26
    Face Square 0.047
    Face Young 0.16
    Temples Define -0.37
    Eyes Height 1
    Eyelashes Length -0.4
    Eyelids Heavy 1.0
    Eyelids Smooth 1.0
    Eyelids Top Out Height 0.26
    Eyes Almond Inner -0.50
    Eyes Almond Outher 0.16
    Eyes Angel 0.14
    Eyes Depth 0.80
    Eyes Height Inner -0.45
    Eyes Puffy Upper -1.0
    Lacrimals Pinch 0.27
    Lacrimals Size 0.22
    Mouth Height -0.60
    Lip Lower Depth 1.0
    Lip Lower Size -0.91
    Lip Lower Width 0.045
    Lip Top Peak -0.15
    Lip Top Upper Curves -0.23
    Lip Upper Depth 0.051
    Lip Upper Size -1.0
    Lips Define Edge 0.17
    Lips Thin 0.38
    Mouth Size 0.066
    Nose Bridge Depth 0.85
    Nose Bridge Height 1.0
    Nose Bridge Slope 0.64
    Nose Bridge Width 0.16
    Nose Bump 0.35
    Nose Depth -1.0
    Nose Flesh Full 0.13
    Nose Pinch -0.23
    Nose Ridge 0.26
    Node Ridge Width 0.25
    Nose Bound -0.11
    Nose Septum Depth 1.0
    Nose Septum Height 1.0
    Nose Septum Width -0.50
    Nose Tip Depth 0.30
    Nose Tip Width -0.49
    Nostrils Depth -0.32
    Nostrils Height 0.051
    Phitrum Depth -0.099
    Pupil Dialate 0.66

    Pose and Clothes used from Dragon Rage.
    Hair is from Genesis Starter Bundle the Wild Mane with Diffuse Color changed to Blue (0;0;255)

    And please consider me in the category New Users

    2000 x 1125 - 200K
    2000 x 1125 - 655K
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    800 x 597 - 206K
    800 x 800 - 282K
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