How is the Medusa hairpiece rigged?

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I mean, is it just a fancy-looking hairpiece like Despoina or Calais, or is it actually rigged the way you'd expect a bunch of snakes to be, like the tail on Cytherea Ultimate Braid for V3? Which is essentially an easy-pose rope, whip, tentacle, or tail depending on how you texture it and how you decide to use it. If the Medusa hairpiece is rigged with ESR dials, I could see putting a different texture on it to make an awesome Sea Witch or Davy Jones. But if it's not, that idea will have to go into the pile of things I'm not quite ready to try from scratch yet, along with the Black Beast of Aaargh! and a Genesis Cthulhu.

(and it's all a moot point until I can replace my mostly-broken graphics tablet -- after nearly 9 nears of hard use, it finally has developed dead spots on the surface. Time for a new one).


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    This one ?

    If so, the ends of each snake are rigged, so you have some ability to pose them, but most of their length is part of the side or bun bones allowing them to be posed as a group but not individually. So it's mid way between the two extremes.

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    Okay, that's useful to know. The product page wasn't helpful in determining how it was rigged at all.

    Thank you for taking time to answer my bone-headed questions. I really do try and look things up, but there's often no answer, or a set of circular or broken links that leaves me come back here to ask basic questions.

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