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Qestion about previewing Animations in DAZ studio 4
Posted: 23 May 2012 07:44 PM   [ Ignore ]
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When I press play in DAZ studio’s timeline the animation preview is extremely choppy it looks as though it only displays like 3-4 frames of my animation what can I do to get a better preview? I’m already using Genesis with no shape morphs applied to it, no textures, no clothes and with it’s resolution level set to base.
Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Son of Belmont smile

It sounds like it’s a system issue,. so, to answer it better, i’d need to know what sort of system you’re using and what the specifications are.

PC or Mac,../  Which O.S.  / How much RAM and free hard disk space,  /  What Graphics card (Make and model)

There are other things which can also effect playback, such as other (background) programs running in memory.
have a look at what programs are rtunning and what you can disable whine you’re working ion an animation.

You can also change the display options in Daz Studio, to display “bounding boxes” instead of the full 3D mesh

Hope it helps smile