Re-setting a messed-up surface (solved - taken that you have Supersuite)

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After playing around with a lot of SSS shaders and so on, I've managed to mess up a few surfaces in a scene, and not even applying the original materials helps. The only way to fix it I've figured out seems to be to add a completely new item and pose it to the same place and shape as the 'ruined' one. Or is there an easier way? Like resetting a surface completely to 'zero'/'default' (the white thing) ??

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    Well Daz Studio does have a Daz Default surface preset in the library but I cannot check exactly were it is or if it is working now. I have been having the same trouble and found what you found..yes a royal PITA.

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    Also applying a Poser material file or any DS preset that uses the DAZ Default Shader will set the sahder to the default, which should clear and problems.

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    I found a reset surface among the supersuite stuff which works for me, but perhaps it'd be interesting to know if there's a defalt one in case someone don't have the ss. Like this Daz Default surface preset

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    Load a fresh Geneisis and save out a new Material preset, now you have a reset base material.

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    The Shader Mixer opens with default material that can be applied to any object. Here's how:

    1.) select your object
    2.) select all relevant surfaces (in the Surfaces Tab)
    3.) open Shader Mixer (Window - Panes - Shader Mixer)
    4.) it opens with a DAZ Default Material
    5.) hit Apply at the bottom right

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