AniMate2 Question and Help Please...

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I am trying to get this method to work but am failing, can someone assist?

I am trying to change the Y translate position of the hip and for whatever reason this method is not working with Studio 4.6 and AniMate2, I've tried to stick the hip on a different y translate plane with both a Level 2 and a SubTrack method. The SubTrack worked the best but it is making the hip y translate for the whole length of the animation...not just that block. Possibly I am missing something, can someone steer me in the right direction??


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    I can not clear understand what you really plan,, I can not read yourl inked page,
    but about sub-track, there are three type option, how add the effect.

    you can check it, from the Go Figure animate 2 documents
    about animate 2
    tracks and subtruck >> Mix Types section. (you need to scroll down,,)

    you may need to change Type of sub truck to limit the influence only the aniblock.
    I think default the option are setted as "Add (aniBlock extended influence)"
    but if you set the option as "Override (aniBlock limited influence)"
    the subtrack overwrite the value and it only work with in the aniblock range.

    before I had problem opositte of you,, I hoped to make infulence about all range ^^;

    there is clear difference overwrite and add, so that you may need to adjust the property value again
    to work as you hope. (so that you may need , level layer too? though I do not know clear understand your plan)

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    Ahhh, that's exactly what I am looking for! Thanks so much for assisting!

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