Need fix duplicate IDs instructions for dummies

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I just downloaded the and the instructions on how to use it is not clear to me.

I need it, because I just bought and downloaded Buccaneer basic for Genesis and I'm getting the Duplicacate IDs error right out of the gate.

Fix Duplicate IDs
(c) Richard Haseltine, May 2012

A script to fix .dsf files that throw Duplicate IDs errors in DAZ Studio 4.5.


To use the script, run it in the usual manner - it should open at the folder currently open
in the Content Library, if any, but it also remembers the last folder used as a fall back.
Select one or more DSF figure or prop files (presets shouldn't be harmed, but try to avoid
them for safety's sake). Don't directly select files in the \data folder - it's just for
"user files" that are available in the Content Library. The script will correct the ids in
both the library and data files, then create backups (filename.bak) before
writing the modified version to the original filename.dsf. Try not to process a lot of files
in one go as it takes a while and the OS may decide DS has stopped responding.


Copyright (c) Richard Haseltine, not to be redisctibuted without permission. If you have the
right to distribute the files you modify with this script you have the same right to distribute
the modifed files (in other words, it's OK to use it to fix your freebies and commercial


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    Buccaneer Basic was updated April 11, which should have fixed the duplicate IDs. Make sure your version number is 1.3 or more.

    To use the script: Double-click on the script in the Content Library to launch it. It will display the current folder. Navigate to the folder with the .dsf file that's giving errors, and select the .dsf file, then hit the button to fix it.

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    Yes, i do have 1.3 version, and i get the error on the pants, boots and belt. The shirt works fine. So do I place the fix Duplicate IDs. dsa anywhere, as long as it shows up in the Content Library? or should it be at a specific spot?

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    I stuck it in the My Libary folder. It worked, Thanks.

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    If you go to the script in the Content Library pane and right-click on it, instead of double-clicking to run it, you will see a menu with Create Custom Action at the bottom - if you select that it will add the script to your Scripts menu in the main menu bar (and create the menu itself, if it isn't yet there). Then, when you need to use the script, if you have the clothing with the issue showing in the Content Library (in its folder, not in a category or product folder) the file picker should open on that folder, saving you from having to navigate to it.

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    I've used this a couple of times successfully. Thanks for the script, Richard.

    I do have a probably silly question though.

    The clothes load and seem to work anyway. The script, I assume, just fixes the files. Is there a danger in continuing to work with the loaded files or is it best, after using the script, to delete them from the scene and start over?

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