Dividing object with tesselate/connect tool

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Hi everyone

I had switched from 3ds Max to Hexagon recently. And I have a question. I wish to make simple facade for building, with couple of windows placed in holes (no boolean stuff). Overview


On the right side, window, on the left, future building, hole is prepared. I have used sweep tool to make holes, but I don't like it. I would like to use connect/tesselate tool. So I create simple box, resize it, choose edges to make cuts.


And here is problem. I want to divide objects into 3 same pieces. In 3ds Max, when I make cuts (connect-alike tools), I can choose how many cuts I can do. If I choose 1 - it will go right in the middle. If I choose 2 - it will proportionally place them, so in the end, I have 3 exact polygons.

In Hexagon - connect tool gives me just one, in the middle:

Okay, I had my fun with edge tools.



I get two extra cuts from the edge, but it's not precise. I would have to eyeball proper dimensions, to get precise 3 pieces.

Can anyone give me a hint, how to in hexagon divide polygon into desired number of polygons, all with exact same dimensions?


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    Hello skynet, and welcome.
    It may sound a little strange but to obtain the initial shape that you require it may be better to start with a cylinder primitive, and not the cube. On creation, if you look to the properties panel you will be able to adjust the number of sides to 4 and sections to 4. With the cube primitive to obtain the same shape you will be allowed only to tessellate in a similar manner, but then you will have to delete some points and edges.

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