The Painting Brush ...

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Well I finally used it. Or rather tried to.

I don't think the problem is the programs as 3D Paint did the same thing.
I think the problem is somehow in the mesh but I don't see 'how'.

The Daz Squirrel. If one exports out the .obj file from D/S ... imports it into a paint program or into Hexagon and starts painting on it, the paints streaks off all over the place. Nasty mess. In Hexagon the uvmap appears to be flattened out just fine.

Possibly 'why' is lost in history, but does anybody know why this is happening?
[It's as if the uvmap is overlapping, but it's not]

Just curious at this point. I made another template to work with instead of trying to paint on this model.


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    Hey Patience...

    Don't bother 3D painting in Hex. It does this to every clean, flattened, and nearly perfect UV's that I have created. It is one of my big pet peeves with Hex, and I have been very vocal about DAZ fixing it to at least Carrara 7 standards (clean painting with great attributes). Hopefully we will see this if DAZ gives us a version 3.

    I only have Carrara 6 with no 3D paint, but have demoed 7, and 8, so I 3D paint in Blender, Sculptris, Metasequoia, and Blacksmith3DPaint. Never have any streaking issues in those apps on any models I paint.

    I don't have the squirrel, so I couldn't tell you if the mapping results in errors in other software, but I would suggest trying to 3D paint in another program for better results.

    I was just playing around the other day with Hex 3D paint using the cheetah pattern on Genesis trying to do a Cheetara of sorts, only to close the program in disgust as it shot streaks all over, and nowhere even remotely close to where I was painting. Bad Hex, bad...

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    Okay thanks, it's not just something I did or didn't do then. I have the 'before going subscription' version of Blacksmith3D paint and yes the squirrel was not painting in there correctly HOWEVER normally in Blacksmith3D paint it works fine 'as long as the mesh is fine'. My main wish with that program is that it would 'stay' as it looks while I'm painting. As soon as one stops, it reverts to something quite different! I was trying again today with it for a seam issue but ended up returning to the basic template which I normally texture in PSP.

    I have Carrara8 but haven't learned all its ways yet. I should devote some time that way.

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