renaming in content pane is a crap shoot in 4.6

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I know there was a post on this already but I could not find it.
If I try to rename a node in the content pane and I double click it's a total crap shoot to if it will work, doesn't matter if I move the mouse, not move the mouse, click at the front of the name or the back it may or may not let me rename. if it's a nested node it's 49 times out of 50 its going to just expand the node's children. I tried to see if there was a bug report on this and if not I'll make one, but this is really messing with my ADD trying to get everything to be named correctly so I can streamline my surface editing.


  • Cayman StudiosCayman Studios Posts: 961
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    Select ... pause ... select again.

  • SpottedKittySpottedKitty Posts: 5,816
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    Or right click and select "Rename" from the drop-down menu.

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    It also depends on your OS curser blink rate set by the STYLE your using if on Win7. Found that out the hard way.

  • StratDragonStratDragon Posts: 2,778
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    thanks everyone.

    @ Cayman
    Tried, tried again

    @ Spotted Kitty
    I don't get an option to rename when I RMB on the name, I'm using darkside.

    @ Jadrail
    I am using Win7 and will try that

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    LOL! I have the opposite problem!
    everytime I try to delete something it wants to rename it!
    mostly I just pick delete now from edit instead!

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