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[Links] Victoria2 / Michael2 V2/M2 freebie list

KeryaKerya Posts: 9,193
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Wiki links:

Victoria2 list - second post of this thread:
V2 Eyes, Poses, Expressions and Accessories moved to this post:

M2 Utilities

Michael 1 & 2 - Templates
for making your own textures
Quicksuit - Jacket
"helper" mesh to make your own jackets (search for "Jacket base for the DAZ Michael 1 or 2 figure")
Seam Guides
for making your own textures

M2 Characters

Ben T.A. for DAZ Michael 1.0 RR or DAZ Michael 2.0 Lo (second from bottom)
DNA Nicholae for Michael 2
E´s Hammer of the Godz M2
E´s Samurai Collection M2
Gen T.A. for DAZ Michael 1-2 (fourth from bottom)
Lord Elrond
Moron Mike, Yanneh, Jiwaro indian
Statues Michael
Texture for Michael
Jose CortesM2
2 Poser character Textures
Brendan texture set for Michael 1 from DAZ
Shades of Michael
SS4 Texture
Zachariah Texture
M2 Native American
Jan for Mike (page 5)
Stu Face For Michael 2 (page 7)
Mickey Face Morph

M2 Morphs

Capsces' Boris
Bloodsong’s spinal eversion and torso-adjustment MTs

M2 Textures

Albert (base texture) ''the other links on that page are dead''
Evil Hospital
Mike 1 and 2
Zachariah Texture for P4 Nude Male & M1-2
Zombie Waltz

M2 Clothes

DNA The Dragonlord for M2
Gloves, Boxer Shorts
Costume for M2 The Flash
Budoh or Traditional Japanese Male outfit
Highlander Kilt ''(last on page)''
Indian outfit Conforming leggins, loincloth prop, shield prop, quiver prop
NanetteTredoux' Tshirt and pants outfit
ranman38 Panzer Grenadier
ranman38 US Paratrooper
Quick Chainmail Texture (Second skin)
SpaceHelmet for Michael 2
Conforming space helmet, complete with opening visor, for Michael
Shard Texture for Joerg's SpaceHelmet
A texture for the helmet above.

M2 Clothes Textures and Utilities

M2 Football Uniforms
Michael's Changing Fantasy Suit Swaps
Michael 1&2 Corrected Clothing Mats for "Michael's Changing Fantasy Suit", "Sci-Fi Suit 1 for Michael", and "Sci-Fi Suit 2 for Michael" ("Michael's Changing Fantasy Suit Textures-Drow Defender" "Michael's Changing Fantasy Suit Textures-Pendragons Paladin" "Michael's Changing Fantasy Suit Textures-Sight Sorcerer" "SS Sci-Fi Suit 1 for Michael Mappak 1" "SS Sci-Fi Suit 2 for Michael Mappak 1")


M2 Eyes

All my Eyes

M2 Poses

"Defense A" for M2 10 Poses
Poses for Vic 2, Mike 2,and Steph 1 for the Gyrocopter (page 7)
RanQuist M2 Poses
Walk Designer for Vicky 2 and Mike 2 Extra Presets


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