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Been away from Poser a long time and just getting back. When i used browse items it used to have a section titled "required products" if the itemwas dependant on another figure. this would tell me that if i buy item A i have to buy Item B in order to use it.

I dont see tht anymore.

How do i know?


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    It's still there. Is there something that you know requires something else, but isn't listed?

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    am i missing it? is it the compatible figures section?

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    oh i came across some clothing and it said "required products: vintage girl" so it is still there.

    I was look at faire boy for K4 and the screen did not say that it required K4. But i guess since fairie boy is clothing that can technically stand alone it does not 'requre' another product to work. it is just designed to work with the K4 firgure!

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    Yes, I think they moved that information to the Compatible Figures, so that for items which have fits for multiple figures, people wouldn't think you needed all of them.

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