Ezine voluted tales seeking artist interviews and cover art.

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Hi Guys,

Now that I received the okay for this from support, I'm making a call for anyone interested in doing interviews with us at Voluted Tales Magazine.

We're a new speculative fiction ezine, read in browser, tho we may do a pdf version sometime down the road.

We've featured a couple of graphic novel interviews already and we're looking for more artists to balance out the flood of writers submitting to us. We figure the best way for that is to feature any commercial artists in interview pieces to give you guys some exposure, and give us the opportunity of showing our readers how great your work is :)

We'll also feature live links to all of your sites, portfolios, daz and sales outlets for your work.

Anyone who's interested, please check us out at www.volutedtales.com and contact us at [email protected].

We're also after some fresh cover art, which is another great way to get some exposure. Except for that we'll pay you a $50 thankyou to let us use it for our cover for an issue. If you have some work that you think would make a great ezine cover, send jpgs to [email protected], or contact us and direct us to which pieces you wish to show in your portfolios here or elsewhere. We do one issue per month, so need a steady supply. There are also a couple of special issues in the making, so that's a couple of extra cover spots need filling.

Ask any questions, the lines are open...

We hope to see your work soon.

Mark. Editor, VT.

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