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Natural Media Toolkit for CS5-6 + Painterwheel
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I came across these two extensions/plugins and figured I’d share them in case anybody else could be interested.

NKS5 is a great secondary toolbar with a lot of custom actions/brushes scripted into it.
Judging by comments, it should work with both Windows and Mac.
From the website, “NKS5 is a custom extension for Photoshop that provides the user with a versatile collection of natural media, texturing, and production tools in a compact palette.”
*Be sure to read the included PDF file on this one. There is a 2nd installation step I missed and thought the plugin wasn’t working.

Painterwheel CS5 version has a bug, but the page said that the CS6 version should work fine with CS5. Mac & Windows versions available. (no this isn’t a copy/paste error, that seriously is the website lol)

The screenshot below of my CS6 shows the NKS5 bar on the lower left, and the Painterwheel in the upper right.

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thanks, these look really nice