Blotchy Render with UE2

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Hi folks,
I'm fiddling around with a render where I get "blotchy" skin textures ... since there are umpteen different sliders for UberEnvironment, I wanted to ask for some hints / tips (even a link to a related post would help) as to what I need to adjust.

I remember reading something a few months ago, but can't find the right word(s) to search for ... (to narrow down the "hit list").


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    when you select your environment sphere do you select a quality for it? do you select the quality in the parameter?

    When you select the UE sphere you get the Occlusion Samples, Shading Rate and Max Error set to 0, but there are quality settings as well that can be adjusted, those values will change depending on the settings.

    Adamr001 wrote a post a while back on experimenting with the settings, I think it's down a few on the list of his tutorials.

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    Yup, sure did. It boils down to that when you're using UE2 as the only light even the "4x high" preset may not have a good enough shading rate.

    Learning UE2 tutorial is here:

    ETA: Since you are also using Depth of Field make sure your main render setting for Pixel Samples X/Y is at least 12, should probably be 16.

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    THANK YOU .... you've saved me at least 5 hours of trial and error ...:coolsmile:

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    OK ... here's an updated render ... took about 3 hours to complete, but I am quite pleased with the result :)

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    Very nice! Glad to have helped.

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