what light set is used in this promo? (resolved)

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hello! i just wanted to ask what light set was used to get these very crisp looking promo renders, i have tried many combinations of uber enviroment (DAZ) and my own light settings and i cant figure it out.----thank you!


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    That product has a few light presets included, and it actually says in the product description those are the light included are what was used for the promos.

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    and they are indeed daz compatible? sometimes my inability to pay attention gets me poser presets

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    It does say that there are 2 DS lights, one for DS 2 and one for DS 3 and I am assured that they will work in DS 4

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    thats what i was making sure of, my dyslexia has caused mistakes before, and i needed to make sure. suppose thread can be deleted. :D

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    We do not Delete threads, You can edit your first post and add Resolved to the Thread title.

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