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I like using shader domains. But Okay so say I have 2 shader domains on an object, that are listed to the right in the shader room. The only way I can figure out how to work with any shader in the specific domains is to click the assign shader thingy over next to the domain, assign a shader THEN double click the domain then go into the shader ON THE LEFT and change it. Seems to be the long ways around the barn! UNTIL I assign a shader to the domain I can not ACCESS the shader for that domain.

Also How Can I eyedropper or transfer one shader from a DOMAIN from one object to another shader domain in/on another object:?


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    If the shader or texture is in the list of shaders, you can drag them right on top of the shader domain in the assembly room in the tab marked shader or drag it directly onto the object where the shader domain is located (e.g.., a wing tip on an aircraft)

    Or, copy a tree of a shader and paste it on the shader domain in the texture room.

    If one is first starting to make the shader domain, I always found it easier to click on a new master shader in the far right panel.

    The key here is name your shader domains with a descriptive name, so one doesn't end up with names like Shader 1, Shader 2, Shader 3, etc.

    Also, once Shader Domains are named it is so much easier to modify with select by Shader Domain or in UV mapping using the display tab (clicking off "show all") and showing the individual shader domains and how they are stretched out across a map.

    It is also of great benefit when exported as an OBJ to a paint program for instance in that the shader domains are listed separately, can be displayed with or without the other parts of the mesh (3D coat does this.)

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    I think he means in the modelling room
    annoys me too.
    you select some vertices and create a new shading domain but the rest of the object is not another domain unless you invert selection and create a shader for that and there are ALWAYS some vertices left over that are unassigned to either.
    and do not get me started on symmetry!!
    I usually end up hiding selections then selecting all to create new domains then revealing hidden vertices and doing the same again for the next lot to get them all.
    but try creating new domains within those selections and you are likely to lose the ones you had before!!!
    utter PITA and that is just with Daz dollies!
    Rich makes his own models so it is no doubt more complicated!

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    Maybe I am not explaining it correctly! Here I have a Vertex Sphere with to shader domains, TOP and BOTTOM! When I open it in the shader room! TOP PIC! I can try all day long to try to select either one of the DOMAINS off to the left to assign shader option BUT it will not. You can only mess with the global shader...

    To do anything with in either shader domain I first have to double click the little box in either shader domain and when the options browser poops up! SEE MIDDle PIC! Assign one... THEN

    SEE LOWER PIC then I have to go in and assign new channels and or get rid of the ones I dont want from what ever shader I had to assign the domain to mess with it!

    There has got to be a better way!

    WHY cans I just double click on the DOMAIN and then assign what I want instead of having to pick a shader form the options from the pop up browsers THEN do my own???

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    I was trying to respond earler, but got caught up in that "log in - log out - log in" thing. :)

    Anways, I think I know what you are saying know about that annoying double click won't respond to anything dilemma.

    What I do is assign a global shader, then you will notice that if you have planned for a shader domain, you will have two shader domains. One that you assigned and what is left on the mesh. To me this has always been confusing to have what is left on the model assign as a shading domain, but is really part of the global shader.

    What's even worse, if you change the unassigned shading domain, it will also change the Global shader as the Global shader is the same thing as the unassigned Shading domain.

    I've just calmed my mind that in Carrara, the Global Shader is the same thing as any unassigned Shading Domain.

    Also, if you assign a name in the Assembly room when you click on the shader tab in properties tray, any changes you make in the texture/shader room must be renamed on the properties tab "Shading" (top of properties tray) especially if you change the color.
    (see example)

    For the other shading domain, the one I actually selected polygons for, I always click the New Master Shader option (drop down box) to open up the dialog panel to the left.

    Yeah, Shading domains that have no faces assigned by you end up being the Global Shader. I don't like it myself.

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    Yea seems to be the long way around the barn no matter what you do. One would think if you had an object with 2 domains you could double click IT on IT and it would open a BLANK shader or even the default sharer and you could go in an change it BUT NOOOOOOOO!

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