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Does anybody know in what application the chrome ladies are made in? Can it be done in Daz?

Previoulsy I would have to export to Bryce to get a decent chrome surface.

Previoulsy I would have to exprort to Bryce to get a decent chrome surface.
(art from 2002)


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    Yes, it can be done in DAZ Studio

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    Oh cool! Thanks for letting me know.

    Would this be a purchased preset or would this be something whereby you fiddle with lights and surfaces to get right?

    If there are any purchasable links, please post them!

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    The image shown is Bot Genesis I think, and it is done with Shaders which are supplied with it.

    You can buy shaders here in the store, like this : http://www.daz3d.com/real-metals-for-daz-studio

    Go to the store, and type shaders metal in the search box, that will reveal a lot more.

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    Oh great! I will buy those and see how i get on.

    Here is my previous Silver Surfer. I hope i can get better metal than this. If I give him a board will it reflect him back etc.?!

    600 x 849 - 175K
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    check these out too, they're free

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