Rendering Speed with DAZ 4.6 has not improved

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I was excited about new update to the renderer. But I could not find any significant change to the rendering speed. Then I checked the 3Delight Change Log and noticed that 10.0.126 - 2013-04-04 and 10.0.130 have improved render calls while DAZ 4.6 has 10.0.125 3Delight version.

Is there any plan to use the latest 3Delight update ?



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    Historically this is the closest to actual update to 3Delight that Daz3d has ever used in relation 3Delight thats public. In the past Daz has at times been several whole versions back. It has to do with whats available when the programers get to work and test it.
    It is possible to recompile your shaders to render so they will render the latest and greatest, a can of worms to say the least, but they may not even need recompiling.
    You could download the stand alone 3delight and try to render a .RIB file out of Studio, but unless you have a license you're going to be limited to 2 cores.
    the short answer is an emphatic maybe.

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    Of course we will get an update sooner or later! However the DS general release was just published so I expect it might take months now, unless there's some show-stopper bug.

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