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I see Hex is around $14 to download. Odd price but Wings3D is free in any case. Just got the flyer about an upcoming series of tutorials for Hex. I gather Hex has a little more to it as compared to Wings. Any feedback would be nice.
I found a site with Wings tutorials so we're seemingly set there but if Hex is more versatile and or user friendly maybe we'll make a switch. I typed all that rather than simply asking which is better, doh. As it stands now I suck at modeling and have found many of these programs a challenge indeed. Bryce appears to be the easiest by far..


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    As for asking which software application out of Hexagon and Wings3d is the better in a Hexagon forum, I feel there is a possibility you maybe pushing it a little for unbiased opinion.
    I use both, indeed they complement each other really very well, each has strong points, I will say that of all the heap of 3d software I use, and on all of my projects, Hexagon is always part of the process, I find it has simply the most straightforward and fastest interface to work with. and the bonus of this extremely helpful forum, which in reality is a free kind software support, with many users standing by to help with any problems you may come up against.
    For £9.11, $14 what a bargain.

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    Hex has round trip from DS to Hex back to DS with a button push, something to consider.

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    Hex is a great program. Like others said, you can easily reander in Daz Studio. While Wings is nice because it's free, Hex is better because it's a bit more dynamic. You'll have more tools your disposal and better control.

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    Heya, I'm not new to Daz but I am new to Hexagon too...

    I just signed up and pre-paid for the new Dreamlight tutorial series that'll be launching next month since it sounds like it sounds like its going to be 90% Hexagon focused. I never been through a Dreamlight course before, so I have high hopes about this one after searching the forums here for posted opinions about Dreamlight training packages.

    I have been dabbling a bit in Hexagon, i'm in the process of trying to do some modeling on my own. Hexagon is proving quite easy to use and straight forward but I'm finding myself a little overwhelemed with the whole modeling process and workflow now that i've got several objects in place forming the basic shape, and not quite sure how to proceed next.

    I've also tried Wings, (let this not become a hex vs wings debate) , and its just purely my personal tastes i'm liking hexagon more than wings. But then again, I'd prefer to use Carrara's modeler altogether but it's lacking some tools and features that make certain functions and tasks easier, so Hexagon it is.

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    I assume you are aware these courses are released piecemeal (usually monthly sometimes longer) and therefore require an element of patience and trust? I only say this in case you are expecting the whole course ready to go on day one.

    As for Hexagon, it's a great starting point with reasonable PDF manuals (one for the program elements and one with worked tutorials) although links to embedded videos didn't work for me. I find the objects hierarchy in the scene tree makes rigging a lot easier when imported into DS but grouping objects together while working in Hexagon requires a little caution.

    My advise would be to save frequently (especially before a major tweak like boolean) and set the undo buffer as high as it will go (100?).

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