Help with a maybe list of products for DAZ3D versions?

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I keep buying products that say their compatible 3D Software is DAZ Studio, but, the products do not install, or work, because it's too old.

So, does anyone know of a list on here, or elsewhere on the web, where I can find out what program works with what program? I'm running DAZ Studio 4.5 (64bit), on Windows 7.

Thank you for any information that you may have.


  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300
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    There's a list in my sig of Plugin versions for DS4.5+

    Dreamlight plugins have not been updated for DS4
    Parameters Organizer does not work in DS4
    Hand Grip has not been updated for DS4

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    Hand Grip has not been updated for DS4

    To complicate this particular issue a bit, it isn't really needed for Genesis since there are a good few hand and finger control dials built in, but of course it would still come in handy if you still use earlier generations of DAZ figures.
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