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I don't use dynamics very much but I had the occasion to (of course when the forums were down) and I ran into some confusing stuff.

I have both the table cloth and sheets. I am using DS4. I can only find a .daz file for the king sized sheet and the round table cloth in my files. I reset the downloads and reinstalled thinking that perhaps something went wonky when I migrated my database over when I fully converted to DS4 but to no avail, I still only have one size sheet and one shape table cloth. From the product pages I know I should have 4 sizes of sheets and back in DS3 I know I had the square and round tablecloth shape.

I finished the project I was working on without them but I would appreciate any help figuring out where these files might have ended up or even what files I should be searching for.

Thank you.


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    It works the same way as in DS3 -- on the Dynamic Clothing tab select the bottom and use the pulldown at the bottom to change shapes.

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    :red: Boy do I feel silly :red: Thanks !

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    I have been working on a rigid body subject quite a long. But till now there is an unresolved question for me. When we calculating the torque acting on the rigid body we use the following definition of the torque: t = r X f, X - is a cross product. So if I calculate the torque in a body-fixed system I use r in the body-fixed system too, but for force f - I am not sure. In which coordinate system should it be expressed - in the body-fixed or in space-fixed. Are this forces different in both systems? Sorry, for probably stupid questions. Thanks

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