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Announcing: Poser/DAZ Community Convention in San Francisco
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Sorry if this is OT but I don’t know who to contact anymore.

I am planning to host a convention in San Francisco, CA, in the next 2 to 3 months, date uncertain. But I’d like to get some feedback on what would be of interest to people as topics to present and discuss. Everyone is welcome to provide input and commentary.

There is a large pro 3D community here in San Francisco, movie studios (Pixar, etc.) as well as game developers (Electronic Arts, etc.) and they may be interested in participating as well.

The idea is to get the DAZ, Poser, Blender and other amateur/prosumer/semi-pro people together for a heck of a good time and take care of business at the same time. This actually hinges on a big announcement from a surprise source that will affect the community from here forward, but of course I can’t reveal that yet!

I’ll be contacting Rosity and other sites as well for their participation and input, but thought I’d give you the first bite at the apple. What drove that decision is that I’ve been planning on calling it “Poserdom,” but I realized there may be some disagreement with that name here and wanted to consider other names for the convention.

But I also need to know what you’d like to see and participate in, so all constructive input is appreciated.


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I’ll attend! You should contact Steve Cooper over at Smith Micro-the folks that make Poser are in Santa Cruz county-close to SF

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I just saw this.  Did it happen/when will it happen?  I have been hoping very much for something like this.  I suggested to Daz that they host a Daz weekend near them in Salt Lake City.  Auto Desk University weekend in Vegas is over my head and doesn’t include Daz software sessions anyway.  Please contact me if you have plans.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  Thanks!—Angie