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Ok, I'm new to this product downloaded 4.5 then see 4.6 and load that. I used the Daz3D Install Manager first and that's in C drive, but I need to install everything to G Drive which it let me do. Now I'm not sure how to adjust file paths to find the correct files? What it looks like when I go into G drive is a folder DAZ 3D with these files in it, aniBlocks, Animals, Camera Presets, Content Management Service, data, DAZ Studio Tutorials, DAZStudio4 < (this one has the software in it), Light Presets, People, Props, Runtime, Scenes, Shader Presets. So do I not have this organized correctly or did I miss something else I should have downloaded?

Thank you


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    You are going to have to clarify what you did a bit for a geezer like me. You said you downloaded 4.5 first. Did you install it? If so, where? Your C drive or G? Then you used the new Install Manager to download and install 4.6 and pointed it at your G drive. From what you described, I'm not sure everything installed on G correctly. The DAZ Studio installer creates a folder named DAZ 3D (this would be in C:\Program Files in a default installation) with two subfolders: DAZStudio4 into which almost everything, both the application and content, are installed; and a folder called Content Management Service that contains the content management application, its database and supporting files. Long breath ...

    Okay, so first of all, if you did install 4.5, and it was not uninstalled during the installation of 4.6, then one of them needs to go. You can't have both installed on the same system concurrently.

    As for your original question, I assume you are asking where your content (models, etc.) are? Well, they are normally stored in bits and pieces in those various folders you mentioned. All Poser format files will be in folders under that Runtime folder, while DAZ Studio specific files will be in some of those others. If you are expecting to see folders labelled with the names of each specific model, or character, the content is not exactly organized that way, whether it is DAZ Studio or Poser format. If you take the base model Victoria as an example, that is not a single file, but a series of different files, each containing a different type of data relating to the model stored in folders that contain all data of that type. Generally, it is up to the application (program) to locate all of this and to present it to you through the program's interface. That way, you really don't need to go looking for it on the hard drive, as the software does that for you. Have you opened the application and checked for the installed content there?

    Lastly, have you installed any other content beyond that which ships with DAZ Studio?

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    to change paths you need to do that within DS on the context file menu you can select the Content Directory Manager from here you can make sure DS is locating were you are now installing your content to. as in your different drive;

    if it is not working you may need to Uninstall DS and reinstall making sure you do a custom install and you install to the different drive location and then you don't select the default location for the content but also make sure you make a folder on the other drive for it as well.

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    Thank you for the replys.

    I've attached a image of what you see in the Content Directory Manager now. I thought I had set everything when loaded correctly so that I could use the G drive. I'm not sure what paths to what I need to add here for the software to see all files correctly?

    And yes when I loaded 4.6 it did an auto uninstall of 4.5.

    First I installed the Install Manager < Which I could only install to the C drive. Then the IM allowed me to change paths to what you see in the attached image and had me load the following files.
    Genesis Starter Essentials
    Genesis Starter Essentials PoserCF
    Install Manager Default Filters

    After which I loaded 4.5 Pro to the G drive. When I finished I received an email stating that 4.6 is available now. So I downloaded that and ran it and it removed 4.5.

    Now I can't find a guide to setting up proper paths to files in for Daz 3D or if there are other files I should have downloaded also.

    Really want to give this software a try soon, thank you very much for your assistance.


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    If you used the DIM to install Genesis, and the other items, they would not be installed to a folder called My Library by default. Did you change the path inside DIM to go to your G drive, and the My Library path?

    I don't know why you also have a My DAZ Library in Program Data as it is a hidden folder by default, and I'm sure it is protected by Win7 or Vista in the same way that Program Files is. If you don't have any user content in that folder, then remove it from the list in the Content Directory Manager, from both DAZ and Poser formats.

    If you used the DIL to install to the My Library folder on the G drive, and the content is there, everything should be OK. If you look for your content in the Smart Content pane, and you don't see anything, we may have other problems, try the Content Library pane instead, and look in DAZ Studio Formats > My Library > People, and you should find all of the Genesis Essentials stuff there.

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    I know I changed it in the DIM. The way I did it, if I remember correctly is just changed the C: of the path shown to a G:.
    Nothing in Smart Content pane, it's empty.

    And the attached is what I see in > Content Library pane instead, and look in DAZ Studio Formats > My Library > People < No people, no file! :(

    thank you

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    I have no idea where you have put anything then!

    You have a My DAZ Library inside My Library, that should never happen. If you installed Genesis Starter Essentials using the DIM, it should be able to tell you where it intalled it to. If you go to the Installed tab inside the DIM, and hover the mouse over the Genesis Starter Essentials name, you should get a pop-up box like I have displayed below, and it will tell you where it was installed to. Please post a screenshot like that.

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    Here you go.

    Looks to me like the files are in G:/Program Files/DAZ 3D
    And the software was installed in the DAZ 3D folder in another folder called DAZStudio4.
    On still confused on what I need to connect. :/

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    You must have told the DIM to install it there, it only puts it where you tell it to :)

    What you need to do now is either move it all to the correct place, or much simpler, just leave it where it is, I don't think Program Files on the G drive will be protected by UAC (not sure).

    Add that path to your Content Direcory manager under both DAZ Studio AND Poser Formats. In other words, get rid of the other entries, and add G;/Program Files/DAZ 3D instead, as that is where your content is installed to.

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    That worked!
    And yes I'm sure it was my misplacement.

    protected by UAC

    Not sure what this is as I'm new? Should I be worried?

    Thanks again for your help. Can't wait to learn.
    I'm sure I'll have more questions.... lots more. :)

    My mistake scratch that last addition. :)

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