Does "G4 and F4 for Genesis" includes hair

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The Girl 4 hair is included in the Girl 4 Base's description, but G4 for Genesis seems to only include the shape. Can anyone confirm that hair is included? If not, how can I get the hair for the Genesis version?


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    No, it's just the Shapes for Genesis -- no hair or textures.

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    How do I get hair that will fit the Genesis character?

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    I don´t think there is a Genesis version of that hair. You will have to buy the one for G4 and manually adjust it to fit Genesis.

    Or if you don´t insist it must be that particular "Girl 4 Hair Prop" from G4 base, you can buy any hair in store that has Genesis listed among "Compatible 3D Figures".

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    DAZ Studio comes with four different hairstyles for Genesis: Duke, SallyMae, Aldora, and WildMane. You can use them on any Genesis shape.

    If you have non-Genesis hair (like the hair that comes with Girl 4 Base) and want to use it with Genesis, I have a tutorial that covers that process (along with other hair-related topics). It's almost always possible, though sometimes it can take a bit of work. The link is in my signature below.

    Note that if you buy both G4 Base and the G4 Shape for Genesis, you can use the G4 skin texture on Genesis.

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    Thanks a lot guys.

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