Some parts in viewport not responding

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I got the lights from this webpage:

and they are pretty good. However, they kinda mess up the viewport (not updating properly - change in pose) unless I remove them.


sorry if this is in the wrong section


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    I don't think it has anything to do with the lights, they work perfectly for me, I just downloaded them 5 minutes ago. I didn't set them to load with each new scene, but I loaded them from the Lights folder (where I installed them to).

    There may be other reasons, for example, in Preferences (F2), I have my Display Optimization set to 'None', you could try that. The viewport is controlled by the OpenGL version of your video card, what version of DS are you using, and what does it say in Help > Troubleshooting > About Your Video Card?

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    Yes it was display optimization. It works fine in None and Better, but Best causes that glitch to occur.

    Thank you!

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    I perfectly missed topic where to reply TT;)

    yes,, it is display opitmization. I had save problem too. thanks Jimmy it work for me too.

    I replied other topic,,without intention ^^;

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    It was something that happened to me early on with DS4. V4 used to have very long spikes growing out of here, and I couldn;t figure out what to do about it.

    Someone in the forum suggested Display Optimization, and it worked out for me too. I am glad I was able to help :)

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