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Is Daz answering phones anymore?
Posted: 13 May 2013 11:47 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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Also, if you have problems with the cart, log out, log back in again. You’ll find in the forums that some problems keep popping up, such as the one “already in cart” when it’s not. For that one, you buy a different product, then add the one you wanted (that said was in there but isn’t) then remove the different product, and voila! So there are workarounds for problems that are sporadic- so by posting in the forums, we may be able to quickly tell you what to TRY. smile Also if it’s a known problem, DAZ may already be on it (such as Pay Pal issues, codes not working.)  Surfing in here is your fast way to check and see if it’s you, or widespread, as an issue. (As in this case, it was you- the email specifically said DO’s and the vendor is clearly stated for each product. You’re not the first to do that- I was way ahead of you on that one, lol!)

We’re here to help so jump right in! And good luck with your projects, sounds interesting. Do you have anything on YouTube?


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