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I’m having some issues with lights. I have a 2009 Enterprise Model found from nightfever on I’m trying to make all the lights look as though they’re lighting the scene where there are lights indicated. The biggest problem seems to be the front of the nacelles. I’m Using Bryce 7, I’ve already made the known lights ambient enough to show up in the dark.
What else can I do?
How do I get the small irregular shaped areas to look as though they’re casting light too?
How can I get the nacelles to look as though they’re glowing onto the back of the saucer section?
Does anyone have an idea of where all the lights are and their colors?
This is an example of what I've been able to figure out using a spot inside the nacelle, and the ball lights on some of the exteriors. sort:time gallery:knighted-feline&qo=1
This is with a ball light just outside the nacelle pod. sort:time gallery:knighted-feline&qo=3
With the ambient turned to full on the parts I'm making into lights and the nacelle pods with ambient parts. sort:time gallery:knighted-feline&qo=2
An example of some of the odd parts to light.

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