Disabling forward motion in NLA clip

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Hi I need help with NLA clips

I have NLA clips with a biped or quadped character walking forward

I want to keep a walk in place cycle but remove the forward motion. That way I can manually adjust the path.

Does anyone have advice how to remove the forward motion from the clip?



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    Hi 3DPixLA :)

    The forward animation keys, will normally be found in the Hip of the figure,.

    You can either de-select the Hip bone from the NLA Track "parameters", which control what parts of the figure the Clips in that track will animate.
    Select the NLA Track,. Go to the NLA tab on the right and click parameters,. then select / de-select from the list of bones. (pic)

    You can load in the Clip data into the sequencer time-line,. as key-frames,. then edit the Hip animation tracks,. Expand it to see the "position" Y track, and delete the forward motion keys, except the first key, ..which needs to be there.

    Save that animation as a new clip

    Hope it helps

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    Hi 3DAGE thanks for the super fast reply. I will try your technique and thanks so much. Before your suggestion, I tried editing the clip, removing the keyframes from the hip and that worked but Carrara did not save the new NLA clip. When I saved it and to the Clips browser and reapplied it, there was no motion at all, none. Perhaps a bug, dunno. So thanks and I will leverage your expertise!

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