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3D bridge for Photoshop is crashing Photoshop 6,  help please.  :)
Posted: 17 June 2012 11:13 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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3DAGE - 17 June 2012 09:06 AM

The lighting is different because you’re now rendering 3D in Photoshop, and you’ll need to adjust textures, Opacity, lighting, and the render settings in photoshop. then render it.
The preview is pretty much open GL

Okay. I’ve done some noodling around with a newly created u3d file. And I’ve got multiple lights working. They all had to be repositioned in PS, but they are working. A bit of a learning curve here.

So, as I am understanding it, once you export from Daz to PSCS as a u3d file, I am able to:
Adjust the light positions and levels.
Move the 3D characters around the scene.
Reposition and re-size them.
Paint the character maps, if wanted.
And then render.

I am not able to:
Re-pose the characters, arms, legs, head angles and such.
Clothing and Hair adjustments, as in wind movement, those kinds of things.

And I assume I can’t take the u3d file back into Daz and have these new size and position adjustments hold up.
As in, maybe save the PS 3D layers to a new document and reopen in Daz. I don’t see a Save As command for u3d.

Also, the hair still renders more like plastic than hair. Not sure what I can do different here.
Again, maybe it’s the learning curve.  smile
Seems like Bridge is still the ticket here.

Here is the two render versions I got. Same hair.
The background girl in the png 2d file imported.
The front girl is the u3D file rendered in PSCS6. ‘Figure its got to be me, because no one would except this as ‘good’.
I can render the girls in bald, and then paint the hair. But looking at the png version, it makes it pretty obvious the hair render can look really good.

(P.S. - leaving my desk for a bit, I’ll check back in later. Thanks)

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Funny enough, yea that was me that suggested to launch DS via the bridge, which should’ve worked. Something isn’t allowing the bridge to communicate properly. As 3Dage said earlier, hopefully Monday will bring better answers, and more Mac users. lol


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Any news on this? I got a related error running DAZ 32bit and Photoshop CS6.

I start Photoshop, start the bridge from Photoshop, it automatically starts DAZ. I add a new primitive, 1x1m cube to the center, just to have something to render. Then i click “preview image”, to new layer. Photoshop creates a new image of the correct size, background, a layer above the background, then i get this:

DAZStudio.exe caused INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO in module “C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\DzCore.dll” at 0023:10AE1AC1

DAZ and the Bridge totaly freeze, have to kill the DAZ thread, then Photoshop burps “can not get scene from DAZ” and continues working, including the bridge that has tetected that DAZ is not running and gives me the “start DAZ” button.

Running on Ubuntu 64bit/Wine

Please help!

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Hi Theork

You don’t mention which version of DS you’re using (just that it’s 32bit)
also,. are you running CS6 32 bit or 64bit ?

As I don’t use Linux, and neither of those application were ever written to work on Linux,..I’ve no idea if the OS may have something to do with your crashing,. or whether the connection between 32 bit DS and PS CS6.
or, something else entirely.

However,. If this is happening repeatedly, then you should submit a bug report so that the developers can take a look.

Before doing that,.. try updating to the latest release version of Daz Studio 4.6,... and perhaps try the 64bit version of Daz Studio instead of 32bit

32bit programs have access to less memory that 64bit.

Posted: 23 May 2013 08:06 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 20 ]
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It’s both 32-bit Versions, DAZ 4.6 and Photoshop (both downloaded today / yesterday, so: up to date). I know that 64-bit Software can handle more RAM (among other things), but from the WINE website I know that only the 32-bit DAZ is working under Linux. Rendering a white 1x1x1 meter box with the standard light should not be an issue.

Photoshop is running good enough (brush-tool bug, but copy stamp, opening huge pictures, adding layers, etc. works)
DAZ is working well (adding a character, props, light, rendering, etc. works)

Communication among them could be a problem. The Bridge was able to start DAZ from PS and recognizes if DAZ is running or not. PS opens a new layer the right size, but then instead of showing me the picture it says “please wait” and then gives the above crash mesage.

What unfortunately is NOT working is the Crash-Report. Nothing happens if I click “submit crash report” and I have to kill the DAZ task, because it completely freezes.

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