Predatron LoREZ Arab/ Biblical women (and Men)

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I like the LoREZ products that Predatron offers, particularly the Arab Male. They've been particularly useful in my projects as they are still high quality enough to look good in renders and can be posed in a number of versatile ways.

Is it possible to get some Arab or Biblical Women as well? Really just women posed in long robes with various shawls, scarves etc? At the moment there are only modern females.

Also would be great to get some Biblical Males as well - men in various biblical garments and robes. But most importantly the females first as there isn't anything similar in the LoREZ range.




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    I'd like something like this too. StrongBear, search Freepozitory, I'm fairly sure there are a few headpieces like this one: By the way, OptiTex has various clothes like that tunic: You're bound to find something useful.

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    possibly, i would like me too, some Epic- Bible style clothing: as we could see in "Ben Hur"... for ex.

    On the other hand, for the moment, i could obtain many Bible-looking clothings, mixing accessories, dynamic clothing, shoes,
    with very nice Daz Items that already exists in Daz Catalog.
    (i've not yet done but i would do)

    For exemple:
    Leafy Suit for Genesis to dress Adam ans Eve, and if you modify it's texture into leather, the Leafy Suit could
    become an add to put on top of a tunic.
    Dynamic Fantasy Robe and many other (Egytian dynamic cloths) are good for that purpose.
    All Barbarian - Conan style, should be goog for ante-diluvian people.
    Sandals of Monk Robes for Michael 4 and sandals of Jasmin for Genesis (Clothing and Accessories) are good, too,
    just to name a few...

    I wondering if Daz would explore the Epic- Biblical Items, probably they should sell well ? Maybe yes...


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    I am another customer of Biblical items. I would buy any quality item in that theme.

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